Friday, May 18, 2007

Wow, it's been a while.

I'm back, bitches.

(Sorry, you're not really bitches. You're actually super-patient wonderful people that put up with my absence quite graciously and I love you guys.)

I'm gonna try and start blogging more... (at least more than once a month, okay?)

Uhm, so that whole quitting-my-job-randomly-and-risking-complete-unemployment thingie really went well for me.

Last Friday (which was about 2 days away from my Last Day at scary-boss-job), I had an interview with an awesome company that is actually parented by another awesome company that is extremely prestigious in Omaha.... and I was actually offered the job during the interview.

Actually, "offered" isn't even strong enough. They loved me and loved my portfolio and extensive qualifications!

It turned out so perfect! I can hardly believe it.

My last day at my old job was Tuesday. My co-workers and boss surprised me by having cake and ice cream. Aww. I'm really glad everything ended up on good terms.

I don't start my new job for another week, so I'm using this time to relax, catch up on cleaning/errands, organize my life, get back into What the Blog, work on my 3D project, work on my online portfolio (which got pushed aside when I quit my job), sort through and get rid of some clothes, and... did I mention relax?? I'm hoping to fit in some relaxing somewhere in there.

P.S. When did Blogger start auto-saving your drafts? That effing rocks! Thank you, Google.