Monday, March 02, 2009

Sim Animals: shake your shit off edition

Okay, wtf Nintendo/EA? My wrist hurts. A lot.

The primary way to move forward in the game of Sim Animals for the Wii is to "wave your hand" (cursor) over everything. Which means I am gently shaking the Wiimote CONSTANTLY for the entire duration of play.

Which means, in 30 minutes I have unlocked a new Forest areas, a new animal, a new plant, and, oh yeah, CARPAL TUNNEL.

Am I playing this wrong, and if not, where the hell is the warning on this box about playing longer than 20 minutes? Let me just give you a rundown...

Play consists of:

  • Shake wiimote over a bush and it will drop it's goods (berries, flowers, etc).
  • Shake wiimote over animals who like you to give them lovin'.
  • Shake wiimote over animals who don't like you to piss them off.
  • Shake wiimote over the trees to drop pinecones, acorns, helicopter-seeds, etc.
  • Shake it over the plants with butterflies above them to make them spit out a seed...
  • ...then shake it some more over the spat-out seed to make it grow into a plant.
  • Shake it over a tree for about 30 seconds straight to knock the tree down altogether.
  • Shake it over the felled stump/trunk to create sticks.
Basically I am jacking off this entire forest. Men, how do you DO it!? I'm in PAIN!