Monday, March 02, 2009

Sim Animals: shake your shit off edition

Okay, wtf Nintendo/EA? My wrist hurts. A lot.

The primary way to move forward in the game of Sim Animals for the Wii is to "wave your hand" (cursor) over everything. Which means I am gently shaking the Wiimote CONSTANTLY for the entire duration of play.

Which means, in 30 minutes I have unlocked a new Forest areas, a new animal, a new plant, and, oh yeah, CARPAL TUNNEL.

Am I playing this wrong, and if not, where the hell is the warning on this box about playing longer than 20 minutes? Let me just give you a rundown...

Play consists of:

  • Shake wiimote over a bush and it will drop it's goods (berries, flowers, etc).
  • Shake wiimote over animals who like you to give them lovin'.
  • Shake wiimote over animals who don't like you to piss them off.
  • Shake wiimote over the trees to drop pinecones, acorns, helicopter-seeds, etc.
  • Shake it over the plants with butterflies above them to make them spit out a seed...
  • ...then shake it some more over the spat-out seed to make it grow into a plant.
  • Shake it over a tree for about 30 seconds straight to knock the tree down altogether.
  • Shake it over the felled stump/trunk to create sticks.
Basically I am jacking off this entire forest. Men, how do you DO it!? I'm in PAIN!


Nadeline said...

you are a veg head, BUT do you eat chicken? Fish? Crab? BUT plants have lives too! The only thing that is ok for you to eat is rocks, yum...

ChrisV82 said...

Hi Jen.