Thursday, November 20, 2008

Animal Crossing: Coma Edition

Ahh, the sweet lull of an Animal Crossing coma... how I've missed it!

I compare playing Animal Crossing to being in a coma, because just like a coma, the duration of play usually involves no movement, response, or anything that resembles productivity, on my part.

I can sometimes hear others speaking to me, like my boyfriend, as he comes in and out of the room, but the only reply he gets from me are in the form of yes-or-no eye blinks.

I took time off work for this launch and it was well worth it. Unfortunately, I will be returning to work tomorrow... ugh. Why must the real world interfere with my video games!?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Animal Crossing friend codes, anyone?

Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii launched Nov. 16th and I bought it! However, I don't know anyone else who has it, so that means I can't visit other towns.

Total suck, Nintendo. Why do you hurt me so?

So, does anyone want to swap friend codes? My town has yummy pears. I am currently paying off my 3rd mortgage (Yes, I took time off of work in order to play this game) and I have a spare invitation to Redd's if you want it!

If you want to swap, please leave a comment below. Or email me at jenomaha (at) gmail (dot) com

I must warn you though, I do teach my townsfolk to say rather offensive things... Because, damnit, it's funny. So, if you're easily offended, don't visit my town. More than likely, my crude neighbors will move around and become YOUR crude neighbors.

Also... I have Wii Speak if you wanna chat.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Anti-social or intelligent?

I'll probably never sign up on Facebook or Myspace or any other social networking website. Do you know why? I don't think it's because I'm anti-social. Quite the contrary. I have friends and I like making new friends too. On my own terms... in R.L.

The truth is that I learned my lesson the first time. Why would I want to put myself back into an online rerun of high school? The people in high school were losers and jerks. I didn't like them 7 years ago and I doubt that much has changed. Why would I put myself through that again?

Adults who spend all their time on Facebook & MySpace fall into two categories: A. Insecure Attention Whores and B. People who didn't loathe high school and want to stay there forever and ever.

If I wanted to recycle shitty high school friends that I never liked in the first place, and pretend to give a crap about their lives again, I could just as easily dig out my yearbook and stalk them the old fashioned way - by hiding in the bushes in front of their houses or mailing them dead flowers or rodents. In fact, that might be more enjoyable than creating a MySpace account.

I voted today. I hope you all did the same. I also am having a bad week... work is really letting me down right now. And frankly things aren't going well right now in general. My dad got laid off a couple weeks ago and now my boyfriend got laid off too. I guess I could say that I blame the economy, but what's the use anymore? Too many people think everything is just peachy and are going to go ahead and vote in the G.W. Bush Clone and his extremely dimwitted sidekick.

There ought to be an IQ test before you are allowed to vote (or be nominated as V.P.)