Monday, September 29, 2008

Filling a hole.

Oh, you didn't realize that this blog was just filling a hole in a particular time in my life, and when something better came along I ditched this bitch?

Okay, well now you know.

I'm flighty and flaky and I rarely finish things I start. LOVE ME ANYWAY, DAMNIT! Closure is for the birds anyway. My mode of closure usually involves a bridge and some matches. :)

I hate to say it but if anyone cares to read or leave comments, don't be surprised or disappointed if I don't respond. Don't be surprised if this is the last entry for another year - who knows when I'll feel like writing again.

Everything is so beautiful right now... work rocks, the boyfriend rocks (we'll be 2 years in October!), and my friends seem happy and busy too. My family is good enough, maybe better than usual. It seems like it's all settling into place. This is what I wanted life to be like and I finally got here.

My last best friend is getting married November 1st - yes, that's Echo, my drinking buddy from college! She met a great guy named Dean and they're getting hitched! I'm a bridesmaid, too. I happen to be one of those people that just LOVES weddings, and especially being a part of a wedding. It's exciting to me to witness something so personal and passionate and special, made public for all to see and hear. This may be the last wedding I am a part of, since I am not planning on making any more best friends in my lifetime. It could happen, sure, but I'm pretty thrilled with the 3 I have.

I don't know if many know this, but almost 2 years ago when I first chatted with Corey (the boyfriend) online, I was actually chatting online to 4 other guys. I was signed up on a dating site and it just so happened that when it rained, it poured. When you're a geeky girl like I am, guys flock to you. Just mention video games or Star Wars or 3D modeling and they're excited.

I had 3 dates scheduled for the same weekend, each to meet 3 of the guys for the first time. Another was near asking me to meet too. I'd been chatting to Corey the most, in fact, we talked online every single day except for the days I went to Worlds of Fun with Echo. After a few weeks of chatting, I was beginning to think Corey would never want to meet - I thought maybe he wasn't as interested as I was. Finally, he did ask me to meet... on the same weekend I had 3 dates scheduled.

I just felt that he was too good to be true and I had to meet him FIRST... so I moved things around a bit to make it so I'd go out with Corey first that weekend. After we spent over 10 hours together on that first date, I canceled the others immediately.

I kinda felt like a bitch, in a way, even though I'd never even met these guys. I told them all I'd met someone else and that I was off the market. I always kind of wondered how things turned out for them. Why is it that you can be perfectly honest with someone and still feel like a jerk? Not that we would have definitely hit it off or anything, and I don't regret it, but I just kinda felt like... a guy.

So, I'm off to bed now. Maybe I'll write again sometime soon... maybe not. Who knows? I do miss writing, now that I'm sitting here doing it. I miss the useless diary-type blathering that I do so well.

P.S. I hope you all are voting this year. And by voting this year, I mean for Obama. Because any other vote would be a disgusting mistake. And speaking of disgusting mistakes, how's that Sarah Palin thing going, McCain?

Ohhhh.... too soon, John?

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