Thursday, April 05, 2007

Because Tiffany said so.

I'm posting because Tiffany said so.

hello lady.

did you quit your job yet?
if not, you need to post something else on your blog because i keep getting pissed everytime
i see that entry.

and, you know, it really is all about me.

Okay so she didn't give me permission to post this private email message from her, but I think it's funny so I did anyway. See, that's what happens when you chat or email with me??

Everything you say could be blogged when I have nothing else to talk about.

Oh, I applied for a few jobs and Corey helped me update my resume. It's all sparkly and beautiful now... If you saw my resume now you'd think I deserved a good job!

You'd say, "DAAAYUM, that bitch needs hirin' up in here." Except you'd say it more professional-like because you are a business man or lady.

And I'll be working on my online portfolio tonight. I'm hoping I can finish it this week. I can't wait til it's up.

In other news... there isn't any other news. Thank you.

Here's a random chatlog with Nadine from a while back:

jen: how's Emma? [nadine's daughter]
11:01 AM nadine: good, watching seseame street
jen: sweet.
jen: done anything cute lately? besides everything.
11:03 AM nadine: well she found some bird poop on her swing outside this morning and then tried to get it off with her fingers
nadine: it was gross
jen: eww. i said cute, nadine.
nadine: then went inside and started eating a cookie before i could ge her hands washed
nadine: it was dried, thank god
nadine: it WAS cute
jen: oh man. a mother's love.

Yeah. That's what motherhood does to you. Anyway. How's that for a post!?


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

LMAO @ you and Tiffany!

I'm glad that you have a spiffy new resume, I hope it brings you a spiffy new job.

tiffany said...


i'm totally sueing (suing? sue-ing? suing? wtf!) you, you word-stealing whore.


Claire said...

Hey Jen, yes i was talking about Ruthjen in that post.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Happy Easter!