Monday, August 14, 2006

Crazy and bash worthy.

If you're an IRC kid or just a total nerd, you may have already heard of, a database of hilarious or just stupid chat logs/quotes submitted by people who are total geeks. Some of the jokes may be over your head unless you are some kind of freak that knows every single inside joke on the net. But the majority of the chats are hilarious to anyone, even non-geeks.

And speaking of non-geeks that also enjoy Bash... here's a fun conversation from googletalk with my best friend Nadine today.

nadine:3:43 PM hey i was signing up for another gmail account and i typed in nadine.jones@gmail and they said it was taken

i was going to write an email and see what the hell
jen: dude, you ARE nadine.jones@gmail
nadine: no im not
jen: watch, i'll email you. hold on.
nadine: my email addy that i signed up for is nadinejones@gmail 3:44 PM and i just tried nadine.jones@gmail
jen: check your email.nadine: WHAT THE F-CK?
jen: lol.
nadine: no really whats going on
3:45 PM jen: dude, you are n.adinejones@gmail, nad.inejones@gmail, nadinejo.nes@gmail
periods are like blanks.nadine: what?jen: lol that was HILARIOUS
jen: that was bash-worthy nadine: cause i started to write an email to someone
jen: yeah you would have emailed yourself.3:46 PM nadine: this is what i wrote
I am a Nadine Jones too. i was trying to sign up for a gmail account and tried nadine.jones@gmail and it said it was taken. just curious about where you got your name. I havent come across any nadine's or very many jones's either. please write back.
jen: you composed it too.
nadine: you should turn that in to bash
nadine: cause that would be so freakin funny
nadine: cause thats the kinda thing that you don't have to know me to think it was funnyjen: yeah we should
but we should like give you a different last name so people don't really email you.
cuz that would be bad
3:50 PM
nadine: our names are just jen and nadine
nadine: i can't see your last name on here
or mine
jen: DUDE.
nadine: WHAT?
oh my god. it is not your day.
3:51 PM nadine: HA H HA
this whole thing should go on bash

nadine: i feel bad for you having to talk to me

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nadine said...

DUDE! I FIGURED IT OUT! Finally I can leave comments! Holy buckets, I am a genious! Jenny you are so lucky to be my friend, I just hope some of my geious rubs off on you. I think this is hilarious, but I dont know who else will. Maybe its one of those 'you had to be there' things. Anyhoo, I still hope the put it up on Bash.