Monday, August 28, 2006

How to post comments.

Honestly, I didn't think I would have to explain this, but apparently I do:

nadine: that 'haven't never paid rent', that's horrible
what, do you think i was too mean?

: ooh, leave comments!!

: NO

: well if you don't want to leave comments you don't have to, jeez.


: i will comment

: he deserves it and since when do you care about being nice?

jen: i do care about being nice!!
nadine: LOL
jen: god you're evil
nadine: you are
jen: good one.
nadine: i left a message
nadine: comment
jen: yay!!!! lemme check it
nadine: left it on the 'haven't never paid rent'
nadine: why do i have to put in friend's email addy?
nadine: i just keep putting in yours
jen: where?
jen: what?
nadine: when i click on the leave comment thing
jen: dude, that is only for blog users to log in, right?
jen: so don't put anything there.
nadine: i can't leave a message unless i fill it in
jen: no way, really?
jen: well put in a made up one i guess
jen: i dunno, did it work?
nadine: did what work?
jen: the comment
nadine: did you read it?
jen: i can't find it on the site
nadine: can't find what?
jen: your comments

(finally, here comes the realization for me...)

jen: ohhhhh
jen: you are sending me links, nadine... LOL
nadine: what?
jen: you are not leaving comments, you are emailing me the link to my own blog entries.
nadine: not your email
nadine: what are you talking about
jen: you clicked on the wrong icon
nadine: nuh uh, whats going on
jen: yes.
nadine: no
jen: dude, when you go to comment, you click on the text that says "# comments", do NOT click on the little icon of the envelope
jen: that is why it was asking you for your friend's email address, you were forwarding the link
nadine: but thats all there is
jen: no, click on the comments text, it's text not icon.
nadine: jenny
nadine: i wanted to leave those messeges, stop stealing them
jen: i'm serious nadine
nadine: jenny
jen: i didn't steal them, you emailed them to me!!
nadine: i dont get it
jen: you didn't leave ANY comments, you emailed the link with a comment about the link to my email.
jen: it won't show up on the page, ever
jen: ok i'm just gonna remove the 'email to a friend' envelope icons so you are less confused.
nadine: no i get it now
nadine: i didn't know that though
jen: there, i took out the 'email post' envelope icons. now there's less to confuse you.
jen: if you sent any more 'comments' to other addresses, they're gone... lol
nadine: well i sent all my comments to and
jen: wellllll those comments are gone and none of your 'comments' were actually posted.
nadine: someone is going to get one of them, cause only one came back to me
nadine: HA HA HA HA HA
nadine: its like a grandma using a computer, ha ha ha thats freakin hilarious
nadine: you should post this as an example of how i suck so bad at computers
jen: dude, i am starting to be ashamed though. lol. maybe i don't want every other post to be about how i have to explain something to you.....

Oh my god. So, uhm, I guess I'm not
that ashamed yet since it's on here.

The thing that I love about Nadine and why we are best friends is not because she's that retarded (not legally anyway... kidding!!), but it's that she actually lets me post about it. Sweeeeet.

I hope Joe, Nadine's computer tech boyfriend, reads this and doesn't immediately burst into tears.


Pat said...

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Echo Jones said...

Ok! Why do you choose friends like Nadine and I. I mean you always have to put up with one of us being retarded.

Like putting up with me on Saturday when I was trying to act all gangster? HMMMMMMMM..........Don't you ever get tired of being the only sane one, (unless your drunk)?

Anyways, that is why we love you. You put up with all our crazy ignorance.

Peace out Hommie

P.S. Ummmmmmmmmmm.............what's up yo! :)

Jen said...

Yeah... it scares me some days. I know neither of you are, but you should maybe consider dying your hair blonde. Your natural hair is really a form of false advertising.

BUT let's not forget how retarded I can be as well. We all take turns... I just don't post the parts about me being dumb. Lol.

Blogs are ideal mediums to make fun of non-geeks, but don't even try talking to me about cars, sports, math, driving, geography, etc. And like... uhm, walleyes and stuff...

Jen said...

Wait, Echo, when were you trying to act all gangsta on Saturday? With the 'peace out homey' thing you did on the phone? Lol... oh yeah, you really succeeded at the gangsta thing... riiiiight.

Echo Jones said...

Ok! I know I sucked at being all gangsta. You know that you can't tease me because I am from the boonies!

Is that how you spell boonies?

Anyways, why can't we talk about walleyes? You seemed to like walleyes at Eli's one night? Have you ever told Nadine about how you caught a walleye named mike? Maybe I should tell her if you haven't!

Anyways, peace out hommie!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! How are you? wow I have't heard from you in ages. ;) yay yay yay!! How is everything going?

don't be mad at me....I got married. ;)

love you & miss you,
holly (if you remember me)

Jen said...


Yeah, I remember you got married, you told me silly. To Kellan, right? Maybe I spelled his name wrong, sorry! So, how is married life? Dyde, I saw this stuffed Hello Kitty bride and groom this one time and I thought of you. :) Well maybe you aren't into HK anymore, but you used to be. Things are good with me, nothing much new. Still in Omaha, still in the dating pool, still same ol Jen. Hope all is well with you!!! I miss you!

Love you,

nadine said...

My testimonial: Since Jenny removed the envelope icons I am now able to leave comments. Thanks Jenny, you are a lifesaver!