Thursday, February 22, 2007

Guess who rocks at Wii Boxing!?

Yes, it's me. So yeah. I guess I'm a tad violent ... :D who knew?!

The Wii is everything I dreamed it would be and more.I'm really good at pitching in Wii Baseball, but I suck majorly at batting. I think I hit the ball like twice and both those times it was a foul!
I'm not so great at bowling either, but then again it was the first one I played and so I was still getting used to the controller. I'm getting better at Tennis, once I finally started to get the hang of it. I think that Tennis will be my 2nd favorite. I sucked majorly at first at golf, because I just couldn't get the feel right. I got better after I learned I didn't need to whap the hell out of the ball every single time. Granted, I suck in REAL LIFE at any and all sports, so this was a bit of a new thing for me, you know, exerting energy and uhm standing while playing video games. It's insanity, I say!!
(All photos lovingly borrowed from, who hopefully won't be mad at me and make me take them down.)

Because I now know that the Wii Sports package is fun and awesomely awesome, I have a couple suggestions for Nintendo:

Wii Hockey: Really, it's just Wii Golf-Gone-Hardcore mixed with Wii Boxing! You can do the punching and head-butts like the real pro hockey players! And then swing your Wii controller as the hockey stick to make a goal. It would rock, let me tell ya.

Wii Soccer: You really only need to make "Wii Controller Anklets" that will velcro around your ankles, so that you can kick and manuever the ball. You could also have a move where you head-butt the ball or your opponents. Uhmm, okay apparently I just really wanna head-butt someone.

Wii Hackey Sack: You would use the same Wii Controller Anklets, as with Soccer, and then hold the Controller and Nunchuck in your hands too. This could be played with a lot to do SO many different combo tricks and junk. Ohh man. (Ahem. You could even head-butt the hackeysack. I'm sorry. Had to put it out there.)

Wii Juggling: How sweet could Nintendo make juggling!? You could just be turning/swirling your Controller and Nunchucks as if you were juggling. Except you would be able to play as a pair or team, and you can choose to juggle knives (will have to be extra careful not to kill your partner!), bowling balls (will have to move faster/harder since it is a "heavier" object), or stuff that is on fire! (again with the careful.)

Wii Girl Fight: This would be an awesome thing for both guys AND girls. For guys it's obvious why they'd want to see a chick-fight. For girls, this would be an awesome way to let out some aggression in a humorous, silly way. I think you should be able to design the Mii (character) of your opponent so I can FINALLY beat up some of the girls I went to highschool with. :D

I definitely want to see ALL of the following moves implimented in this game:
- Bitch-slapping
- Hair pulling
- Scratching/Clawing with nails
- Goosenecking

So, there you have it. Nintendo's next installment of Wii Sports! I think they should call it: Wii Sports ii.

Get it? Cuz it's like the Roman numeral for 2, but it's in lower case, so it's like Wii? Get it!? Aren't I clever?

Are you tired of the Wii jokes yet!? TOO BAD.


Reba said...

Those games sound fun. I am jealous. I want to play.

I told my year old he can't have one cause he has a playstaion and gamecube. Would it be bad parenting if I bought it for myself? haha

Mikala said...

LOL I knew you would rock at Wii anything!

Can you believe that I've actually contemplated getting a Nintendo Wii!?!?!? Whatcha think? Should I?'s weird, but now I can definitely tell I'm over Jason because I have the strong desire to catch up on all my peeps' blogs! I've been neglecting you and that's soooo wrong! Shame on Jason for causing me to neglect my peeps!

Wormbrain said...

Wii tennis is my favorite (right now)
I just figured out how to put spin on the ball

Yesterday, I came to the disturbing realization that you don't have to hold the wii-mote like it's real-life counterpart.

Needless to say, my "game" has improved considerably.

..But at what cost????