Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

Whoa, dude. There will be a 3rd Resident Evil movie coming out in the Fall of 2007, and yes, the wonderfully talented and gorgeous Milla Jovovich will be returning for it!

This might be old news already, but I just heard about it so it's new to me.

If you wanna see the pretty freakin sweet trailor, go to the official Resident Evil: Extinction site from Sony Pictures. The beginning of the trailer is the best part... check it out when it pans back from the big-screen casino/vacation advertisement... that has got to be all CG. Dude, the Statue of Liberty is right there near the Eiffel Tower. See if you can spot all the Wonders of the World and various landmarks that are lined up as it pans further back... WTF happened!?

Anyway, very neat idea. Even if it's not likely, it's a cool effect. And would get people talking. Either "Wow, that's so sweet!" or "Uhm wow, that's not even possible."

The rest of the trailer makes it look like Resident Evil meets Indiana Jones or Aladdin or something. Check out those Aladdin swords. Did she raid the last museum standing or something!?

Well, it's still awesome despite the mild lameness of the only 2 preview photos I could find out there, but where the hell are my favorite zombie inside-out dogs that scare the ever-loving crap out of me? Before Resident Evil 1, I thought I was scared enough of the game! Talk about nitemares people. I'll admit I'm a wuss, but those inside-out dogs are enough to freak anyone out. Just admit it, you cry a little when you think of them.

I'm not too worried since those dogs are a trademark of the games and the films thus far, so there's no way in hell they're gonna leave them out. Even if it's just a cameo. Hah.

IMDB has a page up for Resident Evil: Extinction, but of course there isn't a lot of info on it yet... For example, here's what the user-submitted Plot Summary says right now:

Alice (MILLA JOVOVICH) now is in hiding in the Nevada desert with old friends Carlos Olivera (ODED FEHR) and L.J. (MIKE EPPS) and new survivors K-Mart (SPENCER LOCKE) Claire Redfield (ALI LARTER) and nurse Betty (ASHANTI). Now they must gather their strength to fight the Umbrella Corporation, and the deadly virus they created.
-- Written by KrispyGlowwFlakes
Yes. Written by KRISPYGLOWWFLAKES. Riiight. Okay. Now, I'm not doubting that she could be a very reliable source, but... COME ON. How can you not be a wee bit skeptical on the basis of her username alone? I mean, good lord. Please pick a screenname that makes you appear older than 14 if you want me to listen to you at all. Unless you're 14. Then stay off the effing internet because OMMIGOD DON'T YOU WATCH DATELINE!?

Ahem. Anyway, here's a list of things that Milla Jovovich has been in (that I have seen or at least heard of... there are more on her IMDB profile page, but uhmm these are the ones that people will actually recognize):
Dazed and Confused was the first time I saw her, but I didn't recognize her as the same actress when I saw The Fifth Element. It wasn't until I saw Dazed & Confused again (for the millionth time) that I put 2 and 2 together.


Mikala said...

That's like one of my all-time favorite movies and Milla is my very favoritest actress!! I often joked with Jason that she'd be the one girl I'd go lesbian for! I love her.

Reba said...

I loved those movies. Can't wait for the third one. I have seen a few of these movies, but didn't realize she was in them. I will have to go watch them agian.

Lizard Princess said...

I haven't seen ANY of these movies- I guess the title always turned me off, but I suppose I have some catching up to do!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

AWESOME! I loved the Resident Evil movies and I thought 2 was better than the original. I hope 3 is even better still!