Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh, happy day!


As of 1 hour ago...
I have my very own Nintendo Wii!!!

Joe, Nadine's husband (they're newlyweds... and that was REALLY weird typing that), went and found TWO Wii's at two different stores in Omaha in ONE afternoon. (He now says that I haven't been trying hard enough to get one, but I dunno if that's true.)

Anyway. The second Wii is ALL MINE!!!

Joe totally went out of his way to get this Wii for me from Target, so he is definitely the most wonderfulest person on earth for the next 4 years. (After 4 years, he may resume being just Joe again if he chooses.)

"I am busy playing with my Wii right now. Please leave a message at the beep."


Guess what ELSE?

I get to play my new Wii on a VERY FREAKIN BIG PROJECTOR SCREEN at my boyfriend's place. It's as big as the wall, people. That means it's a life-sized projection. The amazing interactivity of the Nintendo Wii mixed with a life-size screen!? How can it get better than this? Tell me how!?



Missy said...

so we can expect approximately ... ZERO new posts for the next like four years?

Jen!! said...

That is probably true. :D

Nadeline said...

Yea, my husband rocks your ASS Jennerbenners

Mikala said...

Oh...Nadine's husband DOES rock...that's very cool of him!

Ummm...yeah, okay, that's all I got.