Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jewelry for geek chicks.

Geek girls like jewelry too. I've noticed that in recent years the amount of geekery geared towards women has gone up up up! Which means, yes ladies, geek jewelry galore!

So here are a few of my favorite geeky gems:

Zelle Style
My fav: Audioplug necklace. A jack and plug are used to clasp the necklace! Freakin' sweet.

Also Awesome: Most everything on the site, and especially check out the Zelle 133T Collection, which features some gorgeous limited edition pieces.


My fav: The fan guard pendant! Super stylish and geeky.
Also awesome: The Fuse Ladder necklace, not-really-a-charity-thing Geek Awareness bracelets, ultra-cool RAM necklace and matching RAM earrings. And the ever-popular d20 spiral necklace which features a removeable 20-sided die in a lovely spiral cradle.

Jacqueline Sanchez
My fav: The Forever Young collection, which features all lego jewelry! My favorite of the bunch are the lego bracelets in pink-and-lime (as shown) or black.

Also awesome: Lego earrings, cufflinks, pendants, and more.

Fractal Spin

My fav: The Eprom necklace, a reprogrammable memory chip with "a window cut out revealing its prismatic, sparkley innards". Oooh, I love me some sparkley innards!!

Also awesome:
Colorful Cat5 choker or Cat5 bracelet. Another cool fan guard necklace.

Stewart Jewelry Designs
My fav: The Harlequin Resistor Necklace & Earrings set. I wouldn't necessarily wear this set, because I don't know anything about electronics and I'm just not in that genre of geek-girl, but this set is still very pretty. And I'm sure there is a geek girl out there (interested in electronics!) that would truly appreciate these.Also awesome: Pretty much every single piece in this Geek Girl collection. This shop really mixes style with geekery. By focusing on colors and even adding beads or gems where necessary, they've added more of a feminine touch to each piece.

Marche Noir
My fav: FUN-ctional computer-key rings. It seems that these rings are "spring-loaded" so that you are actually able to press the "keys" up and down like you would on any standard keyboard. That is so weird and funky; I love it!

Made with Molecules "Gifts inspired by Science"
My fav: The Creativity Necklace, which features "the molecules acetylcholine, dopamine, and seratonin, the neurotransmitters that boost creativity." Clever!!

Also awesome:
Jewelry that features chemicals, stimulants, and other such molecular designs representing caffeine, chocolate, estrogen, and lots more!

Sweet Tooth Designs
My fav: The Smiley Collection's "less than three" necklace. Aww! How romantic! The perfect way to show your email/chat online-love that you less-than-three them very much!

Also awesome:
Smiley cufflinks, keyrings, silver or gold charms, bangle bracelets, and silver or gold necklaces, in various smiley-faces.

devil smiley >:-) ... angel smiley O:-) ... happy smiley :-) ... kissy smiley :-* ... laughing smiley :-D ... pbfft smiley :-P ... sunglasses smiley 8-) ... and winking smiley ;-) ... and even more smileys, depending on what item you choose.

Uncommon Goods
My fav: Geek Chic Computer Jewelry, sold seperately or as a set.

Also awesome:
freakin cute computer key cufflinks for your geek-guy.


tiffany said...

sparkly inards.
is there anything better than that?
i think not.

i MUST have that 'esc' ring.
because i feel the need to d so very, very often.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Jen this is some AWESOME stuff! Thanks for showing it to us.

When I was in college a friend of mine made earrings from the inside of lightbulbs.

Missy said...

that stuff is so cool. dammit! something else to spend money on!

Lizard Princess said...

That's great! I just emailed their website to my husband who will appreciate it a lot- too bad I didn't see it BEFORE Valentines Day- LOL!

Mikala said...

Ummm...I'm not real sure what to say here...I don't want to o-ffend anyone. :0)

Love ya!

Wormbrain said...

The audio plug necklace isn't a wire and won't actually carry a signal!

It is awesome but it falls just short of total complete geekness.