Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My boss is worse than yours.

Boss: I saw that you didn't check all those numbers from the price book.
Me: Yes, I did. I checked every single one.
Boss: No you didn't, because the 8th number is wrong.
Me: I know, I highlighted it because I couldn't match it up with our accounting numbers.
Boss: That's because you got it wrong.
Me: Well, maybe it was a typo.
Boss: Then you weren't very careful, were you?
Me: Well, typos happen. Especially when there's only one person doing the work and no one else checking the numbers.

(And ESPECIALLY when the person doing all the work is the Graphic Artist and NOT the accountant or number-checker person.)

Boss: I didn't say anything about that. I can't be wasting time and money on having everyone involved on this project. You need to get it right. This is our price books for the whole year. I can't send these out with errors.
Me: I did get all of them right, except for one. That's 10 pages of numbers... and I got one wrong.
Boss: If you got one wrong, you probably got more wrong. You need to recheck it.
Me: Shouldn't there be a pair of fresh eyes on these numbers, if you think I did such a bad job?
Boss: I'm not going to check them over, that's why I have people working for me.
Me: So I'm going to recheck 10 pages of numbers that I've already checked and rechecked... because I got one wrong, and I even pointed it out to you because I knew it was wrong.
Boss: Yes, and hurry up doing it. I don't want to spend all day on this.

Oh yeah. I'll just rush right through it...
And before you say it... NO I don't get paid enough for this.


Reba said...

He sounds like a jerk.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Your boss is an ass hat but then you knew that.

Thanks for saying that my blog is cool. I nearly fainted when I read it. BTW, I am intimidated when I leave comments. I am not exactly profound or insightful (see above statement). Besides I think almost everyone's blog is cooler than mine so I know exactly what you mean. And why are you worried about looking crazy on an admitted crazy person's site???

Mairin said...

"Your boss is an ass hat but then you knew that."

You took the words right out of my mouth, and I think I'm very insightful. ;)

tiffany said...

i would like to kick your boss in the face.

is that bad?

maybe i should have a cup of coffee or something.

nadine said...

"I spilled gunker on my gunkers" -Jenny

Mikala said...

Whoa, I think I love my boss!