Friday, March 23, 2007

Geek alert!

Excuse me while I geek-out about software:

Uh, wow. I cannot even believe that Adobe Photoshop CS came out in 2003. Wtf. 4 years ago!?

I knew when Photoshop CS2 came out, because I tried it and then couldn't afford to upgrade to it. And I know that there is a beta version of Photoshop CS3 available now, which I will also try and not be able to afford. But I glanced at the copyright this afternoon when I launched Photoshop and it was like a sticker shock to see "2003" there.

I guess I just can't even believe I've been doing graphics for 4 years now. Time really does go by without you realizing it. I feel a bit old. I mean, not really. But I sorta feel almost like a grown-up. Almost.

I also can't believe I've been using Photoshop for 4 years and I'm still learning new shit about it on a regular basis. When I graduated from college I thought they'd taught me every trick there is in Photoshop and Illustrator that would get me by in the Real Working Adult World. But uh, NO. I learned most of the tricks I use today on my own and through trial and error.

I wonder if someone could find me (because I'm too busy to do it myself) a list of the specifications on CS versus CS2 and versus CS3. I vaguely looked around for such a chart or list, but frankly didn't look that hard for it. Because I'd like to contrast and compare what I use now and what I would be upgrading to if I purchased CS3... but without reading a 400 page users manual or sifting through 100 pages of forums.

* grumble * Back to work.


tiffany said...

hey, wanna know what i can do in adobe?

crop pictures.

i rule.

Bob said...

Hey Jen, coming from another designer, I just upgraded from CS to CS2. It's great. The filters are a bit quicker and there is a perspective/lens distortion repair filter that is quite handy depending on the camera you use. Otherwise, the improvements, that I see or use, are in the relationship with Bridge. CS to CS2 we saw a RAW format upgrade (with CS, I couldn't shoot RAW with my new camera, now I can) And the work flow is faster with CS2. I can imagine with CS3 it'll be tweaked. Plus I read about a kick ass B&W converter that CS3 has instead of messing around in the individual color levels.

Plus, the "heal" brush is nice. Sometime cloning is just too tedious...or is it?

Those are the big differences I see, but you can probably get by with CS. I only upgraded so I could use the RAW format with my camera.

Good luck in your decision. I know it's never easy.

I can remember Photoshop 4. 4!!! God do I FEEL old if you can only say you worked on CS and later...

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I "use" CS2. I had to go look.

I can crop pics and add text!

Peg said...

LOL--I'm so less geeky than you--I am not a geek. At All.

I wish I were. I would love to be more geeky. I wish I had fun programs so I could dick around with pictures. Make my own cool graphics for my blog and what not.

For now, I rely on, istockphoto and fooling around in my microsoft office applications to make something look the way I want it to. SO lame, but hell--keeps me busy!

Thanks for your *applause* on my BBOTD post--I wasn't really sure what kind of response I'd get on that, but man--I was just bursting with it, and the fingers flew on the keyboard, and voila--my personal commentary!

RUTH said...

Nothing to do with this post but you asked on my blog about Red Nose Day. You'll find some info here

Lizard Princess said...

I am less geeky than you, but when combined with my husband, perhaps we're about equal (although he and I are both mac users, so that makes us automatically less geeky, I think- LOL).