Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh, the crazy things we say.

Just to clarify, the lady we're talking about really is a bitch:

Nadine: so i go ask her if it was hers and she goes "oh my god where did you find it?" and i was like it was in the toilet paper dispenser
1:59 PM Jen: lol
Nadine: and then she goes "oh my god i didn't even know it was missing, its worth thousands and my husband would have killed me, i guess i owe you big time."
Jen: yeah, how about a GET OUTTA BITCH FREE CARD?
Nadine: LOL
Nadine: HA HA HA Nadine: SERIOUSLY!

I think she says it just to get me to shut up:

Jen: he said that he's even happier now than when we first starting dating, isn't that sweet?
Jen: he is the best Nadine: aww
3:57 PM Nadine: that's cheesy Nadine: have to poop brb.
Jen: EW
Jen: i hate you


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

LMAO! At least she didn't say puke.

Everything Aimee said...

Thanks for adding me. I will have an asshat story or two for you in the near, near future!

tkkerouac said...

I like your thumbnail

Mikala said...

Too much!