Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Geeks eat cake too.

My birthday isn't until December, but you can start planning now if you want. Or maybe you have a geeky friend who would appreciate an awesome cake. I know this has been done elsewhere, but I just love the idea so I thought I'd share some of my favorite geek cakes:

Happy Birthday coding cake. Not my cup of tea, but The boyfriend would love it.

Lego cake. No explanation needed. :) I'll take mine in ANY color.

Arrr, matey. Yeah, so geeks have this fascination with pirates. (Because they are usually "software pirates") Pirates, and also ninjas. It's almost a war over who's more awesome. But yeah, apparently the pirates win because they have this freakin sweet cake.

Well this is about as close to a "ninja" cake as I've seen. Which isn't very close. Well who hasn't played Mortal Kombat anyway? I once went out with a guy who had the soundtrack to Mortal Kombat and would play absolutely nothing else in his car. Ugh.

Homestar Runner! If you don't know Homestar, you should go here. I'm still looking for a Trogdor cake. Nothing says geeky like online cartoons.

Very cute Star Trek cake with the Enterprise and Vulcan saying "Live Long and Prosper".

Superb R2D2 Cake. Wow.

A Nintendo Gamecube cake. Aww. Isn't it cuuute? I'll take one in Platinum, because that's that color of my GC. Thanks! (Actually, my GC is skinned with a lovely pink faux Louis Vuitton print from eBay.)

Another Nintendo cake, this time it's Kirby. Am I just out of the Kirby loop (Frankly, I don't ever remember playing a Kirby game, so I assume that I am) or is he supposed to be carrying a sandwich on dark rye with eyeballs? WTF is that?

OMG! Yessssss. Dual Nintendo Wii remote (wii-mote) cakes. Beautiful.

Remember my post from this past September, You can have your Mario and eat it too, where I said that this Super Mario/Princess Peach/Mushroom wedding cake would be my future wedding cake? Well, I've decided that that's probably not gonna happen...

Because, this one is SO much better!!!Oh my hell. Look at that masterpiece. A "shoot-em-up" style wedding cake. Check out the detail. From bottom to top, here's the specs:

  • Level One, bottom of cake: 1 dead groom and crashed airplane.
  • Level Two: 1 groom scaling the edge of the cake (in the back), 1 groom shooting a machine gun at the top of the cake, and 2 other grooms appear to be working together to saw down one of the legs of the cake.
  • Level Three: 1 groom with pushed-down detonator and a very big explosion and a couple of the cake legs blown up (causing the cake top to be tilted)
  • Level Four, top of cake: 1 groom climbing up to tilted top level and Bride and groom backing away to cake's far edge.
Required improvements: Bride needs glasses and an uzi. The uzi in white, please.


tiffany said...

mmm, i likey cake!
i hungry!
i so hungry, i can no write good!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

That is the coolest damn wedding cake that I have ever seen!!!

And now I'm hungry...

Reba said...

I love those cakes. So funny.

I am also hungry for cake now. Along with a huge glass of milk.

Mikala said...

Too cute! That last one is hilarious!

Kendra said...

oh wow... those are some amazing cakes. i like the bottom one so much that i stole it for my site!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you said you were still looking for a Trogdor cake...me and my friend made one just the other day. Was rather awesome if I do say so myself