Monday, September 18, 2006

You can have your Mario and eat it too.

I really want this wedding cake that I saw today at the Wonderland blog. (they post original link there; if you want it you have to go there.)

Yes, that is Mario and Princess Peach on top the cake there. Sweet.

I should use this image as an effective dating tool. After dating a guy for a couple weeks, I immediately show him this photo and say: "If you ever want to marry me (someday), this will have to be our wedding cake." That way, I weed out all the guys that:

  • A. do not want to get married (someday),
  • B. aren't capable of putting up with my extreme nerdiness, and
  • C. can't take a damn joke.
Three birds with one stone, people! That is how you do it. Ladies, pay attention.

No, I really am not that bad. But if it were made of legos... OH MAN, look out.

These are such small pics, but the full-size photos are the best. Such detail! Click on the pictures to view the full-sized images in all their glory. And seriously, check out how smug Mario is... he's such a pimp.

I decided to finally try out Second Life after hearing about it off and on at the Wonderland blog. Then I saw this site about all the design, shopping, and fashion involved and I just had to sign up. It is "a 3D online digital world imagined, created, and owned by its residents" according to the Second Life official website.

I'm not
sure that I need yet another internet-based addiction, but what the hell it's free membership (with limitations?). I'll decide later if I want to pay for it to own land and whatever else it restricts you from for being a cheap bastard. From what I've read, it is kinda like The Sims except way better. I've also heard that the community thus far is mostly female, since it has so many chick-friendly aspects to the game. Like, for example, you can shop and buy things and get cute outfits and junk! Like, totally, for sure.

I'm thinking there's more to the game than just shopping though.
It's the design and 3D modelling aspects I'm most interested in. You can create all your own items, clothes, etc. I'm not sure how and at what price though. It seems there ought to be a catch somewhere that says I need to first pay 8 thousand dollars. I'll let you know how it goes.

On another note, I'm going to buy tickets to Hinder for Echo and I after I get off work today. Money is very tight but it doesn't stop me from having fun. I'm probably a glutton for punishment.

I have some good financial news for a change though: I'm two payments away from paying off my back surgery bills. Yes, just two payments. I still can't believe it's been well over 2 years. Now if only my student loans could get paid off that quickly!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, the only catch with the Mario cake is that you'd attract shroom addicts and other druggies as well as Italian plumbers, and that can be strange combination.

Great site, and congrats on the back-problem payments.

~ a not-so-mysterious wandering priest

Jen said...

Xell!!! You came to my blog! YAY! :)

And hey, there's nothing wrong with plumbers. :P

Anonymous said...

this game is confusing. will you help me figure it out?

Anonymous said...


P.S. That was me..


Anonymous said...

Jen, Jeeze!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...somehow I always knew that your dream guy is a 6 foot five, skinny, Italien who likes long walks through pipes, always wears green, and spits fireballs from his nether-regions after partaking of the fire-flower.

I didn't know you liked legos. You should have told me; we would have played.