Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I think that guy just got dumped.

I drove to Papillion/LaVista/Whatever to the Baker's there to get those Hinder tickets (sold out), and I get out of my car and hear that "Calling all angels" song by Train blaring from the car parked right next to mine. I glance into the car and have to do a double take. There is a guy, about 18 or 19, sitting in the driver's seat holding a spoon, and he's digging into this gallon bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream that is sitting in his lap, while Train is crooning over his car stereo. Wtf? So, I came back out after not getting the concert tickets, and the guy is still there eating ice cream, and now the song has changed to Michelle Branch. People are too strange sometimes.

So, I tell Jesse about this and I joke, "I should have asked him if he was on his period" and to this he replies, "That's not funny, maybe he has cancer." Wtf, okay way to shut me up.

I don't really have any interesting news other than that (yes, the thing about the boy eating a gallon of ice cream in his car
was my interesting news). It's been a long week so far and it's only Wednesday.

So, I'm gonna ramble a little.

Echo randomly got me these cute socks, along with another cute pair that is black with white skulls on it. Also, I got these totally sweet new shoes for only $12 at Wal-Mart. Yes, the shoes are cheaply made and will probably crap out on me in a couple months, but just look at them. They are so tacky! I love it! I was showing them off to my boss Tom and he was like, "Are those Vans?" Tsk. You fool, Vans are way cuter than this and also much better quality. But these Wal-Mart shoes are 100% Man-Made Materials, which has sometimes been difficult for me to find in cute shoes without paying a fortune for them. Well, except at Wal-Mart, since most of the shoes there are cheaply made.

Which brings me to another point.
Why is leather so expensive compared to synthetic materials, whereas a pound of hamburger is 3 to 4 times cheaper than a box of 4 soy burger patties. I guess there is plenty of meat to go around, and not enough hide. Supply and demand is retarded.

After over 3 years of not wearing my most favorite shoes (they just sit and take up space in my closet), I'm finally ready to donate all of my Vans and other non-synthetic shoes to the thrift store. I have to say, it's been really hard for me to choose between my love of animals and my love of shoes. I haven't been wearing them, but I also haven't been able to give them away until now. On this site, I found a handful of shoe styles that Vans makes that are cruelty-free and also not ugly, so I think I'll get myself a pair or two for my birthday. (Pictured left are some vegetarian Vans that are pretty freakin sweet.)

(Boring) Blog-related updates:
I've been using SiteMeter since September 1st and have had 284 visitors since. Except it doesn't tell me how many are repeat visitors I'm getting and often times it doesn't count the visit duration at all. (I've tested this myself.) Not to mention, I get strange location info about each visitor that I am not sure is even remotely correct. So, maybe people are coming here, but are they actually reading? And are they coming back?

So I found this
Bravenet counter that is also free (now at the bottom of this page), but which appears to be more accurate (so far). It tells me about returning visitors and it's very customizable. Until I choose which counter is best for my needs, I'm keeping them both on here.

Also, I've been reading a lot of really great blogs lately, so I'm gonna post some of my favorites in a new links column on the right there sometime later today when I have time to do it (ohhh the oh-so-difficult task of cut-and-paste). That way if you get bored with me, you can go see people that are actually interesting.

Moving on... I am craving Olive Garden salad, damnit. Someone please go with me for the love of gawd. :D I could very possibly cry if I don't get to go. Or at least I may buy a gallon of ice cream and eat it in my car in the parking lot of Baker's. Friends don't let friends eat right out of the gallon while sitting in their car.
Oh, so sad.

This has been perhaps the most boring entry to date. Thanks for skimming!


Anonymous said...

Oh Man! Jen you should have given that guy a hug.

Although if he was sitting alone eating ice cream listening to Train and Michelle Branch, he:
#1 Might have cancer (WTF?) LOL
#2 His grandmother, dog, cat or bird may have just died
#3 Is one of those emotional clingy guys that I usually laugh at when I dump them
#4 Might be gay

Anyways the point is, JEN, you should have made an effort to see what the hell was wrong. He might be emotionaly destroyed and you could have been the girl to fix all his problems or simply you could have made him look like less of a loser and ate the ice cream with him. LOL

Finally, you never cease to amaze me. I can not beleive you took a picture of the socks I gave you and your new El Cheap-O shoes and post them on the internet. LOL I really think we need to find you a new and improved hobby. LOL You crazy rebel you!

Anyways, Peace Out Hommie


Jen said...

Echo, ok #1 you know I don't make an effort. lol. and #2 you know he probably was all screwed up... and uhm... that's not exactly the kind of guy i'm looking to meet. (i think i've had enough of emotionally destroyed guys.)

Dude, I literally bust out laughing when I turned away from him. My first thought was that he was just stoned out of his mind.

And HEY, one of my major hobbies is SHOES and I think that's a good one. So bite me.

Anonymous said...

#1 hey. if I had cancer I'd cry too.
#2 losing a relative is sad but a pet? meh.
#3 you're freakin mean!
#4 I'm not sure what this implies... that gays cry alot or that he might be crying because he realized he's gay.

Either way I agree you shouldve hugged him.

And I like the shoes, though I am partial to green things. Even if its baby-poo green.

Anonymous said...

P.S. That was me again. Stupid thing not remembering who i am.

P.P.S. if you can dump a guy for hocking something up in his glass or wearing sandals with socks... i think its okay for a guy to dump you for skull&crosssbones/pinkhearted socks. Not to mention babypoo green shoes.... at least that would be a good excuse. Food for thought. Brought to you by Jazz.

Jen said...

Wtf, you don't cry when you lose a pet?!

Ew, 'baby poo green'. Thanks for ruining my new shoes AND making yourself sound retarded with only THREE WORDS. Lol <3.

Also, you're both wrong because I don't hug people!!!

More than likely, the dude was stoned. He wasn't crying at all. He was just casually eating ice cream out of a gallon container. He didn't even look sad!

Anonymous said...

Well then maybe he likes that type of music! and Ice cream! jeezum