Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Old enough to know better.

Seperately, Echo and I are very nice, mature, reasonable girls. But when we get together, we kind of... egg each other on. Pun very much intended.

So, there's this guy named Joke that turned out to be just that:
a joke. One of those shady creeps that pretends to be a nice guy to your face, and then calls you while sloppy-drunk at 1:30AM on a Wednesday night (Oh, pardon me, 1:30AM would actually make it a Thursday morning), obviously looking for something he'd never get.

Suffice it to say, he was the last straw in a long line of completely retarded straws. Now here comes the example of us 'egging each other on'.

It was Echo's initial idea to egg Joke's place of residence. She said it only half-joking, and I thought to myself, "Well we haven't done anything juvenile, and yet fulfilling, in quite a while, so why the hell not?" And it was admittedly my idea to write his name on each egg with permanent markers. See how we are?!

For future egg-related events, it's always important to write the name of your intended on each egg whenever there are roommates involved. You want to make sure they know it wasn't an accident or some random punk kids.
It is especially helpful if one or more eggs is not completely broken, or is accidentally "dropped" gently onto the grass. That way you're still readable. It's scary how much thought I put into this.

We were naturally a little nervous at first, since getting caught would mean a large fine and, oh yeah, don't forget the embarrassment of being 22-year-old women that are egging some jerk's house. Uhm, we have the right to remain silent? Well, it's not that we'll be making a habit of it, but you know what?


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Echo Jones said...

Ok, so normally I do not get that mean or heartless. Joke, was one of those guys that for two seconds made you believe that there is normal guys out there. This guy and I had an amazing time together and then suddenly bammm!

What happened? I wish I knew. All I got is, "UMMMMMMMM.......You can't party right now and well I don't want to stop!"

Um, I never asked you to stop. I would never ask you to change your lifestyle for me. Especially since I have known you for maybe 3 weeks.

"I just think that maybe right now in our lives we should just be friends. I mean I just like to party and I don't want to make you uncomfortable" (THE WORDS OF JOKE)

Ok, I didn't know we were anything and I figured we were still on the friends page. Second, thanks for being considerate and at this point I am not mad. (Just kinda annoyed)

Well, in my opinion friends are not suppose to receive this call at 1:30 a.m.

Me: "Hello!"
Joke: "What's up beautiful?"
Me: "ummmmmmmm" Sleeping. Who is this?"
Joke: "Baby, Its me Joke!"
Me: "Oh, sorry! Are you drunk!"
Joke: "Yeah, a little. I have been thinking of you. Why don't you come to Omaha?"

Ok! It's 1:30 a.m. and I got to be up for work! Not to mention he just said lets just be friends. Um, let me think about this moron! No!

Me: "It's to late and I got to work!"
Joke: "Oh come on baby, I miss you!"
Me: "You need to just go to sleep. I will talk to you later."
Joke: "Oh, come on! I really want to see you."
Me: "I can't. Sorry"
Joke: "Well ok! Call me tomorrow."

Ok! Joke didn't get a call from me and I never answered his calls again. This is not the first time this has happened and I usually feel like shit! I usually wonder what is wrong with me or what I have done to make this person so flighty. The only thing I did this time was talk to him and actually talk to him more than once.

I am so tired of this dating game and I snapped. Joke was the long list of straws that broke the camels back. I admit that I snapped, but damn who wouldn't after a year of nothing but retards.