Saturday, September 30, 2006

Blogger should have private posting.

Maybe it would be nice if Blogger had some kind of "friends list", so to speak, where you could post entries and give the viewing-rights to certain people. There isn't any form of "optional" private-blogging on Blogger (except making your entire blog private, which is not what I'm looking for). I suppose the lack of optional private-posting is both good and bad. Afterall, if you're gonna say it, say it. If not, don't get a blog.

But I dunno... some days you wanna talk about things that aren't something you want to broadcast. Or you just want to branch completely off topic. Or vent or cry (okay, I don't cry but I do vent). Why put your regular readers through that? Other blogging services provide this option, even YouTube does something similar. Maybe one of these days they'll add it as a feature, but who knows.

Friday I had a date in Lincoln (I know you all wanna hear about it, but you're not gonna) and then met Ashley at her house. Tabby (Ashley's 10-(or 11)-month-old daughter) was sleeping so we talked and caught up a little while we waited for her to wake up. We went shopping afterwards, etc. After Derek (Ashley's husband) got home, Ashley and I drove to this vegetarian restaurant in downtown Lincoln called
Maggie's Vegetarian Vittles.

And the damn place closes at 3:00! What kind of deal is that? I thought Friday/Saturday nights were supposed to be the busiest time for restaurants. And they're not even open on the weekends! This going to drive me nuts. If I don't get to eat there someday, I will scream. I checked out their website and the food looks/sounds freakin awesome. I realize they're probably a small place, but even
Dazy Maze was open better hours than that.

Anyway, Ashley and I went to
The Oven instead for some Indian food. It was amazing, as I expected. And the service! Wow, ya know, I really need to find a new Indian place in Omaha, because I see now that the place I frequent here has the worst service imaginable. I thought maybe it was supposed to be like that, but I just didn't know any better. Service at The Oven was both immediate and pleasant, so now I know that I've been going to a really lousy place here in Omaha (not gonna name names!).

We got the stuffed paratha (whole wheat bread, stuffed with peas and potato and baked in the Tandoor) for an appetizer, which was
very tasty. And then I went to order my usual bengan bearta (roasted eggplant sauteed with ginger, garlic, spices, and potatoes), but they only serve it on Sundays! Whyyyyyy? Oh well, it forced me to try something new. So, I got the alo chole (chick peas and potatoes cooked in onion and garlic), which was to die for and I'm glad I tried something new finally. Although I have to say I still love bengan bearta the best, because the alo chole was just not spicy at all. When I go to eat Indian, I want my mouth pleasantly burning throughout the entire experience. Bengan bearta does this job perfectly.

I'm most likely going back to Lincoln tomorrow with Nadine and Joe, just to go shopping at this place that has a really great clearance/sale going on. So that's my next chance to go to
Maggie's (if I can convince Nadine and Joe to go). Hopefully on our way back we can stop at the Nebraska Crossing outlet mall too. It's been so long since I've been there, all I can remember is that it was the most ghetto mall on earth. But yeah, so that will be fun. I haven't been on a roadtrip (haha, it's only 45 minutes) with anyone else for years. When I drive anywhere I'm always by myself, singing extremely loudly to my mix CD's.

Uhm. Well... I guess that's all I'm going to say today. Sorry folks.


Anonymous said...

Jen said...

Gee, thanks for the spam.

tiffany said...

i agree...blogger totally needs a 'private' setting.
you know, like myspace, only not as sucky and embarrassing to even admit that you use.
(this out of the mouth of a girl who TOTALLY has myspace and also uses it a lot).

Nate Smith said...

I believe you can restrict your blog to certain people. Check it out in the settings area.

Nate Smith

Nate Smith said...

Okay, I just checked it's in settings, and then under "permissions"

Michelle said...

Okay, Jen, you're talking me into becoming a vegetarian - especially after your comment on my blog. Then, I read this post about the Indian food (that sounds awesome, by the way).

J, my boyfriend, even said, "you're not that big on meat anyway, it shoudln't be hard". So, maybe I'll try it...I'll probably need some help Jen!