Friday, September 01, 2006

Don't sit on the puppy.

Okay, my beloved blog-readers... I will be gone all weekend house-and-puppy-sitting for my friends Nadine & Joe while they are on a trip. Nadine had a whole long list of rules for me, and #1 was that I wasn't allowed to invite any boys... what a rip-off. But that means you'll only be able to reach me via my cell phone. It'll be like a mini-vacation for me, very relaxing. And Echo's gonna come keep me company Saturday night, yay!

Monday I'm going on a picnic with Jesse. Anyway, I've never been on a real picnic before, just the kind where you eat potato salad (yum) in someone's backyard on their picnic table. I think that's more of a barbeque though? I guess the difference is the blanket. So, this is like a real live checkered-blanket type picnic. Aww... I know! Anyway, so it should be awesome.

In future news, Echo and I have decided to go to Worlds of Fun sometime in October. I haven't been there since 7th grade so I am psyched. Plus I think we both need a break from work and stress and everything.

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Anonymous said...

I wanna go to WOF too!!!!!!!!! Anyhow...Is Jesse the new puppy? If so, definitely don't sit on him! Maybe just teach him to sit & roll over...OH and definitely BEG...Just kidding...Anyways, a real picnic how incredibly romantic...that is IF it doesn't rain, the ants don't attack and all that other good stuff! Listen to me...who would of thought I was just the one telling Echo that someone had pretty eyes!

Later girls!