Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nintendo Wii + Photoshop = Holy Crap Cute

The Nintendo Wii launch date will be announced this month, so sayeth the internet buzz. And I've heard already that they will be launching for sure before Christmas, so it is only a matter of time now before I have my very own. Wiiiiii!

I know the "official colors" they have already announced include white, red, black, platinum, and lime green (and so far just rumored: ice blue). Of those, I prefer the lime green.

But somewhere down the line it's likely Nintendo will release a very stereotypically girly color, such as the "coral pink" they have recently released on the Nintendo DS Lite (I want one). But this color may be out long after I purchase my lime green Wii.

So, I decided to photoshop my own damn pink Wii since I will probably never own one. I do believe that eventually we will be seeing a 'pink' Wii though. This is the pink I'm hoping for too, it really is the most attractive. The coral pink that they chose for the new DS lite is okay, but definitely not the most attractive choice.

And because I do love photoshopping for pleasure... (apparently I don't do it enough at work
) here are some other colors that I'd like to see on a Wii. Maybe Nintendo will see and steal these colors (yeah right). Anyway just look at them damnit.

I realize the significance of the "official colors" that Nintendo chose, and I'm ok with their choices, but I will also be skinning my Wii not long after getting it if I find a nice skin somewhere. Maybe a camo skin would go well with my lime green Wii. Or vines. Hmm. Ok, this is seriously a part of what girly gamers think about. I apologize.

I also, uhm, want a lot of games... heh. Yeah, a couple of games would really bring out the lime in my Wii's eyes. (Ok, that was by far the strangest sentence ever put together. I'm sorry guys, I hope you stopped reading a when I said "The Nintendo Wii launch date".)

And because I am a chick that likes cute crap, here's a "girly set":

I dunno if those are accurate color names, I just like the sound of them. If they came out with an eggplant one, I would totally trade in my lime-green/camo-skinned Wii.

If you are particularly interested, there are much larger/better versions of these photoshopped Wii's in my photo album in the Geekery folder. I had to reduce the size by quite a bit to blog them. I know the photoshopping isn't the best, but I did these quick.

Anyway, that's enough of the Wii fashion show.

Ahem. I'm wondering seriously if my site meter knows how to count above 0. So far, well over 75% of visitors that come here at all only stay for the duration of 0 minutes and 00 seconds. WTF? Can't even stay long enough for the site meter to count to :01 seconds?! I'll continue assuming that people see the pink layout and then run away. Yeah, that's right, YOU.
Pink makes boys cry.


Anonymous said...

Jen you need to get out more!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Echo you are mean!!!