Monday, September 11, 2006

Blogger gets some cool upgrades.

So as you can see there's a few minor changes around here. I switched from Blogger to the improved Beta Blogger with all kinds of new features. Like, labels! And widgets! And expandable archiving! Ohhhh, all the wysiwyg customizations are just heavenly. Google really makes my day sometimes. Seriously, I am wild about the labels!

Meanwhile, I'm frustrated in every other aspect at the moment. Family, money, love (ha!), work (HA!), and I guess that's it. I played catch up all day long at work and got literally nothing new accomplished. At the end of the day all I could remind myself is that I am only working harder for less money right now, with no end in sight. So, I applied for 2 new jobs today that I'm sure I won't want if I get them, but that's all I could find so far this week.

Ugh, I haven't broken myself of the jaw-clenching yet and the pain from it is giving me migraines now. Migraines = I have no patience for other human beings. Which means people try to talk to me, like at work or home or online, and I can only imagine throwing darts at their heads. Although that would not ease my headache, perhaps it help me feel better in other ways.

Besides friends, this blog is a great outlet for venting, I suppose. But I always have to assume I'm talking to myself. Hi Jenny!

So, I am listening to Hinder right now, because Echo and I are hoping to go to their concert around November. I forget when exactly. They are pretty good though, so it should be a fun concert. I haven't been to a concert since I saw my long-time favorite-band-ever Tegan & Sara with Nadine, so I am excited. I'm kind of hoping it's one of those jump around type of concerts. I'm starting to miss the Ranch Bowl, because they had so many shows like that and I'm not sure where the bands all went to besides Sokol. Where will the 2 Skinnee J's go when they come back to Omaha? Oh well, I can only wonder.

Well, goodnight friends.

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Echo Jones said...

Hinder Rules! They are officially my new favorite band. I said NEW because well, you can not replace my old favorite bands. Jenny, I can't wait! YIPPY!