Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yet another random update.

Happy Saturday, people.

I hope you've all noticed the new list of links (Go Here Too!) that I've added to the side bar right thurr. It's some good stuff, I tell ya.

Also, I've signed up at
Vox to check out their blog services.
Vox is invitation-only (kinda like how gmail is) and provides over 150 different templates (and growing)!! That means I would never get tired of the appearance of my blog, and I don't have to put forth any effort designing anything myself. But that's all I know about them so far. It could very well be that is all they have to offer, which would suck.

I'm starting a different kind of blog at Vox in order to test out their services. It's just gonna be about clothes/shoes/junk that I buy or have (so basically, not of interest to anyone but me). Kind of a shopping blog. I'm not saying I'm going to switch from Blogger, because gawd knows I love Google. But I am definitely going to be doing some research, and I'll let you know if I make any changes. I might even post the link here after I get established, but I highly doubt it's going to be interesting, so perhaps not.

Not much else to report... I'm quite bored and/or boring.

Updates from the Beta Blogger Buzz:

Two major bugs: Blogger users unable to comment on beta blogs and beta users unable to comment on Blogger blogs... have been well and truly keelhauled.
Pete [09/19/2006 07:39 PM]

This is really good news because I'm sick of viewing an awesome blog and being unable to comment. I could leave anonymous comments, but often times people restrict you from being anon. So, yeah, this is really great news! I can finally say 'hi'.

In other news, online dating sucks. But check out this hilarious blog... I found this blog via Nate is a blog's favorite links (Nate is also a riot, check this out... and that's not all folks). Anyway, back to online dating: check out the Dating Profile of the Day. Every day it features an eligible bachelor's quote or profile highlights from online dating sites, plus the extremely witty commentary from the blog's writer, Mimi. She keeps her entries short and sweet (unlike me) and so it's a breeze (and a joy) to read through her entire blog in one sitting. I'd say this one is my favorite so far (original link here):

Bachelor #74 Mr. Hy-Gene

"I wear deoderant every day, whether I need to or not."

Now, don't write and tell me
I took this out of context.

What context could this possibly belong in?!

I even tried to take it out of context and it kept falling right back into the paragraph with the rest, which, trust me - you don't want to hear.

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Nate Smith said...

I think your vox blog should be about shopping for illegal or scandalous items. "Today I bought a small vietnamese child off of e-bay. I got a great deal but got screwed on the extra handling and shipping charges."