Friday, September 08, 2006

Everybody loves photos.

Hi all, I finally got my Picasa set up to my liking. So here are the links:

JenOmaha's Unlisted Photo Album (not open to general public, you must click the link)
Contains: Photos of me, my friends, my 'nieces', and my dog.

JenOmaha's Public Photo Albums (main page)
Contains: Folders called
Geekery, Funnies, Animals, Of Interest, and Veggies/Tree-Hugging

I think the folder names are pretty self-explanitory. They're all images that I have collected over my years of being a complete nerd. More to come in each folder too! Well, except animals because for the love of god there are too many there already.

The public photo albums will be listed conveniently in the links column to your right -------------------------------->

for your future image-viewing pleasure. However, I'm not gonna put up the unlisted album link there, so you will have to either bookmark it, or find this post when you want to go there. :)

I'm just being difficult here people. Gotta make you work for it.

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