Friday, September 22, 2006

43 Things is not right for me.

Before I started this blog, I had signed up at 43 Things. I swear, I'm just asking for trouble. After I started the blog, I kinda forgot about my account there. Like, I went back yesterday for the first time a month and there were cobwebs everywhere.

In case you're curious, 43 Things is an online community of goals/dreams/hopes. You make a list of "things you want to do", others can "cheer you" in your efforts, you can write entries about your progress or failures, and then you can mark them off when you complete your task.

Here's the list that I have completely abandoned:

  • Do Tae Bo everyday for a month (I have nightmares about this.)
  • Be less shy (wtf, this will never happen.)
  • Buy a Nintendo Wii (the only realistic goal on this list. wiiiii.)
  • Learn how to cook more vegetarian recipes and to generally become a better vegetarian (Cooking? Change to: "marry a vegetarian chef" or even "learn how not to burn things in the microwave")
  • Get involved with animal rights (Where do I start?!)
  • Go from vegetarian to vegan (Yeah, when I can afford it.)
  • Fall in love (This one's a toughie.)
  • Plan my wedding (Okay, might have to fall in love first. And I don't mean with the freakin dress.)
  • Never get divorced (I could actually accomplish this one! Because if you never get to get married... you never get divorced!)
  • Get a bachelor's degree (I'll be able to afford the vegan lifestyle before I can afford this.)
  • Own a Mac (Next big purchase after the Wii. Likely: 8 years from now.)
  • Get a tattoo (Next time you see me I'll have a turtle in sunglasses and red high-tops shooting double finger-guns tattooed on my forehead.)
  • Build an online portfolio (Like: Flashbunny or Dave Warnke or Rob Dobi or PressTube or Andreas Gysin or even Invasion Creations.)
  • Make a difference (LAME.)
  • Read every book I own (Change to: "Get rid of some freaking books")
  • Take more pictures (Even more possible blackmail? No thanks.)
  • Wake up when my alarm clock goes off (FAIL.)
  • Have Strong Bad answer my email (I'm not worthy!)
  • Identify 100 things that make me happy besides money (half of my list involves things I need to buy... WITH MONEY.)
Anyway, that's my mostly unrealistic list. I highly recommend this site if you are the type who likes to set goals and then abandon them. Oh, I'm sure there's lots of people on there that enjoy it too. They accomplish things and are dedicated and junk... hell maybe they even try. Who knows what sort of crazy people there are in this world? Tsk tsk, always making plans and then actually following through... wtf? Sheesh.


Clay Bethelbridge said...

That is ALOT of things. LOL. Great blog, things and all.

Echo Jones said...

Why didn't you put down cutting back on rum and coke?

Anonymous said...

Rum and coke are staples to a stable and enjoyable existance. I vote DOUBLE your rum and coke intake.

PV said...

The older you get, the less complex the list gets.... for instance, Here's mine:
1. Breath
2. Live
3. Laugh
4. Love


Echo Jones said...

If you voted to double her intake, you will take care of her next time. Anytime that girl drinks anything stronger than beer, she doesn't understand english. Literally! Sometimes she doesn't understand english when she drinks beer. That only happens when she drinks from 4:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. LOL

Michelle said...

I love your 43 things - you can do it, come on! :o) Although, I'm not real good at that "wake up when my alarm clock goes off" thing. I fail at that on a daily basis.

At one point in time, I vowed to read every book in my mom's collection of classics...I got through the first 4 pages of Wuthering Heights and said, "Okay, that wasn't a realistic goal"! Don't feel bad!

Let me know how Vox is...I was wondering about that.

By the way, I was in a HORRIBLE mood today and your blog cheered me up!