Sunday, October 01, 2006

Venting and more Wii whiiniing.

I need to vent! And there's no one around but my blog. :(

Why is it that girls (namely, me) like guys that aren't even into them? And then feel nothing for guys that
actually like them. Oh, maybe there is something wild and exciting about a guy who doesn't give a crap about you and kinda treats you like you're not even there. Oooh yeah, makes me hot just thinking about it. Right...

It's just frustrating. I'm a typical chick, I think about these things.
If I care enough to think about them. And often it makes me want to pull an Echo and say screw it, I give up! I'm getting closer to thinking that's a good idea, at least for a while. And that's not me... I'm usually (suprisingly) positive when it comes to dating. It's just that lately it's been extremely disheartening.

And I'm a good catch, damnit. I'm likely not very cute or in shape or anything physically spectacular, but I see wholly unattractive girls with no personality with guys all the time. Granted those are
not the kind of guys I want, but still. It's proof that there are non-shallow guys out there, somewhere...? And I've had boyfriends say (aka: lie) that I'm beautiful, so some guys think I'm alright, damnit.

I'm quirky in all the right ways. Enough to make me interesting and entertaining and loveable, but not anything that would be considered "baggage". I'm patient, understanding, and would put up with quite a lot. Yet I still stand my ground, I'm my own person, and I maintain my own opinions and beliefs independently (basically, not a doormat or a pushover that cannot be respected). And I do communicate extremely well (if I'm getting the same in return). So where the hell is my match? And why why why do I keep meeting guys that don't even like me?

Okay! I reached my quota of self-pity for the year. Back to the dating pool, I suppose.

I have yet to hear what colors the Nintendo Wii will be released in. First I hear they announced the official colors (as pictured) and I see those photos all over the web. And now I'm hearing vague stories that only the white Wii will be out at launch. I'm sorry guys, but I'm afraid it's slightly a big deal for me to get the color I want. I decided I'm not gonna go as far as to wait it out for a "good color", but however you will hear me bitch quite a bit if I end up with a plain old white Wii.

If/when I get a white Wii, I'll be shopping for skins ASAP! I skinned my platinum Gamecube and it's just darling. (photo is of a black Gamecube with same skin) See how cute?!

It's like shoes, okay? You want them to be both cute
and functional, otherwise why pay $249.99 for them? (Damn, those are some expensive shoes.) Except these shoes are freakin' awesome and you can play video games on them (in a way that no other console can).

We're getting step-by-step closer to full-on interactive gaming, a form of virtual-reality so to speak, but in the privacy of your own home. Gaming geeks everywhere are getting all tingly and probably squealing in anticipation (I won't tell, but you know it's true). What seemed to be merely science fiction 50 years ago is gradually becoming a reality that you can have in your own living room.

Okay. That's enough of my atrocious similies today.


Vanessa said...

Just a little note to say that someone did read your blog, and that I think you're just as insecure and love overthinking as much as moi and any other female out there..(some guys too I've found!!) you're just brave enough to admit it.. oh and you're also JUST as geeky as me (I don't like the term nerd.. makes me think of shorts under my armpits, bad acne, thick glasses and buck teeth) and I have a Nintendo DS. Don't know if you like them but I have the hot pink one (for the same reason as your skins) and I HAD to get the New Mario Bros game.. loved it. Go the SNES!

Bob said...

Hi, just wasting time randomly going through blog sites with that wonderful "next blog" button at the top of most blog sites. Yours stopped me - not sure why.

But, if you care, I'm 33, male, and I am going through the same damn thing dating-wise. It never goes away it seems.

So, if you want to view my blog, try and it'll redirect you to my real blog site. Just for shits and giggles...I'm not trying to pick you up or anything. Visit if you want, write if you want. I guess I just wanted to leave someone a message. Take care.

echo jones said...

Giving up is awesome!! I gave up like four times and honestly the cats are great. All 66 of them.


Anyways next weekend is going to be a blast!! YAY!

Jen said...

Vanessa... Thanks for reading my blog! I do appreciate it. Yeah, I am just overthinking things. But talking about it helps me get over it.

I want a DS Lite so bad!! The new pink one is super cute. What other games you do like on there?

Hope you come back to visit again... I can't go to your blog (if you have one) because you're not signed in.

Michelle said...

Okay Jen,

I felt the same way you do. I guess I met my boyfriend (of 7 years) when I was about 22. I waited, and waited, and waited - not so patiently, I might add. I dated all of the usual suspects that most girls date - the narcissist, the playa, the musician, and a couple of these guys genuinely liked me (it took some convincing for me to date them). I never clicked with any of them; I was so frustrated and I thought I'd NEVER find the guy for me. So, I did just that - I gave up. I vowed to just have a good time, hang out, party and do my own thing. I swear to you that I met J exactly 2 weeks after that. I know it's so lame and everyone says it, but it happens when you least expect it.

**Granted, now I'm in a whole other realm of waiting - I'm waiting for the proposal**

And, let me just say, you're a gamer, how could a guy not fall in love with you at the thought of that alone? :)