Tuesday, October 17, 2006

People search for my blog?!

Thanks to everyone that complimented my blog's new outfit... it's actually one of the more customizable templates that blogger provides, so really all I had to do was change the colors. Yay for an acceptable amount of effort!!

Guess what, kiddies? It's
Web Toons Tuesday!

For this first installment (or last) of Web Toons Tuesday (name/day/content is subject to change), we have a few of my favorite comics from
Savage Chickens, a web comic by Doug Savage. The characters are mainly, you guessed it, chickens. And the comics are all drawn on post-it notes.


If you like this comic, you can find lots and lots more at the SavageChickens site. It is updated each weekday, and there are even fun freebies like a downloadable theme song, wallpapers, and icons.

Web Toons Tuesday may or may not be a reoccurring event, depending on feedback. I am considering having an "assigned day" for my bullcrap that is completely irrelevent and also for fun linkies. Or like share my personalized Google homepage with Widget Wednesday or something.

I don't know damnit, but there will be alliteration involved!

On a blog/rant-related note:
I find it very strange that there are people that Google-search my blog. And I don't mean that they are searching for some related topic and ended up here somehow. I mean that they are literally using the words "jenomaha" or something similar to get to my blog.

Is it that my friends are forgetting the 'blogspot.com' part and googling it instead? Or... do people google me when I tell them my Gtalk screenname? Dun dun dunnnnn. I hope you know that freaks me out. Can't you say hello at least?

"I'm cyber-stalking you, wanted to say hello!"

And why why why, do people come here and spend well over 5, 10, even 20 minutes on my blog, going from page to page, and more than likely reading any entry or two... and then they say nothing?!

Why can't you say hi, what is
wrong with you? I can see my (few) regulars do that, but that I don't mind of course, I do the same at their blogs sometimes. But new people come and stay for a loooong time, and then apparently never come back.

Why did they bother? Are you morbidly shy, or is it one of those "if you can't say something nice..." things? Or are they just leaving the screen up accidentally while they go make themselves a sandwich?

Well, fine, I'll never know. But it would be nice if I could track you down, go to
your blog, read half of it, and then say nothing too. Hah, that'll show ya!

So yeah, people like me shouldn't have site meters.


BD said...

Chickens, very good but only in the lack of penguins...

Echo Jones said...

Chickens are so funny!!!!!!:) Hey Guess what? DUN DUN DUN! Chicken Butt!

tiffany said...

i totally had to steal that margarita one and put it on my blog.
couldn't resist.

Barb said...

Oh my gosh! I loved the chickens! I won't steal them or go to the place you got them.. just keep putting them here on Chicken Day or whatever =)

I have the a site meter type thing on my blog, too. And I've wondered the very same thing! Add to that the NeoEarth thing that SHOWS me when people are on my site RIGHT NOW and well.. you can imagine.

I touch of OCD on my part perhaps.

Your word verification this time was an easy one =)

Missy said...

yep, i'm stealing some of those chicken ones. i'm sure you'll understand that the prospect of a post with no effort on my part was just too much too resist.

Joshua said...

people like me shouldn't have site meters either.

Thank you for putting two links to my blog on your page.

To what do I owe this privilege?

Michelle said...

Oh, I like those chickens - they make me smile. No one leaves me comments either - and I have a few people a day that visit. I figure I'm just ridiculously boring or they are Mets fans! :0)

I don't think anyone has actually searched me, but I messed up by making my blog title and my address different - oh well.

When do you get your Wii?

Bob said...

Bob's blog says hi.

Bob isn't home from work yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm cyber-stalking you and wanted to say hello! :):)

(PS: you might change the name of your site. When I google-search "jenomaha" I come across an advice column, a porn-site and a pro-terrorism site, but that might only be because I added that word to comments sections of those sites. :/ )