Monday, October 30, 2006

Toys R Us Wii pre-orders start yesterday.

Uhm. I've been spacing out my blog. I apologize, dear readers.

As usual, I am always a step or two behind the news. Check out the "latest" Wii news from Nintendorks:

Wee amount of Wii expected to be left at end of year

Nintendo's Yoshihiro Mori revealed that Nintendo plans to ship six million Wii units by March 31st of next year, but the company does not expect this to satiate the hunger of consumers drooling for the highly anticipated console. This is according to Chris Leyton of Total Video Games, who also says Nintendo advises fans to pre-order Wiis if they want to guarantee getting one.

For those who have yet to reserve a Wii, Toys R Us will begin taking pre-orders on October 29th. Gamers will have to pony up a cool fifty bucks if they want to get that little piece of paper that will be their ticket to gaming bliss come November 17th. Parents who don't want to be seen as failures in the eyes of their children this holiday season should make sure they find a way to secure a Wii, or else it will be just like they shot Santa in the back of the head, tidings of comfort and joy splattered on the mantle.

Posted by Chris at October 27, 2006 12:55 AM

Hmm. So uhm... I guess I should pre-order today or tomorrow. I'm okay with pre-ordering from Toys R Us, but definitely not
This bit of news only serves to make me more nervous about not getting a Wii at all if I don't pre-order one.

In other news: Echo and I went out to Eli's on Saturday night to celebrate Halloween. The bar was too packed though, overwhelmingly so, and yet hardly anyone was dancing! Most all the girls were dressed as slutty fairies or slutty angels, but I saw a couple of really cute (although still quite slutty) costumes too. Echo went as Cher and even made her own microphone, which was really cute.

Of course, there were the usual guys that use Halloween as an excuse to be horny, nasty bastards. Like, a guy dressed as a flasher... which was NOT COOL seeing him flopping around on the dance floor. And, get this, there was a guy dressed as a giant vagina. Seriously, buddy... WHY? (Here's a photo of what his "Big Pink" costume looked like... but this is NOT safe for work, people. You've been warned.)

I mean, dude, that guy must have lost a bet. Or he's just one of those guys... you know, those guys that are just the hopelessly single "life of the party" guys, that can't ever get a girlfriend because they just cannot stop making fart jokes and randomly humping people and things. Ugh. You know... the guys I usually go out with once, and then run screaming away from.

My costume was sufficiently geeky... I decided to be a 'music/software pirate'. Which means I bought a pirate costume and then made a pendant necklace with the no-symbol around the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America, the company that prosecutes 12 year old girls for downloading Britney Spears' "Hit me Baby One More Time", old rockers like my dad that download songs that have been playing on the effing radio since before 1976, and shuts down the software programs/organizations that aid you in sharing music and files with your peers) and I also sewed a couple CD's onto my skirt.

I was talking to my friend Holly yesterday about Halloween/my software pirate costume, and she said a friend of hers wanted to do the same thing a couple years ago but never got the costume finished. He had 'bootleg boots' too. Freakin awesome!

I was considering posting photos of me in my uber-geek costume, but I dunno... I'll think about it. I'm always afraid they will end up photoshopped on FARK or something.

On an unrelated note:
OH MY GAWD, some people need to learn when to stop talking. When you see that I am clearly very busy "working" and not even looking at you the ENTIRE time you are yapping away, then maybe - JUST MAYBE - you should just shut up shut up shut up!!!

(Uh oh! Somebody's got a case of the Mondays...)


Michelle said...

OFFICE SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, your costume sounds cute...

I hated those girls that always found a way to be a slutty witch or whatever - God, I think I just hate slutty bar girls! Now, naturally, I was never a slutty bar girl - everyone else was. ;0)

You best pre-order your Wii - because if I hear any whining out of you because you didn't get it, I'll just be forced to tell you it was your fault!

Echo Jones said...

hmmmmmm......Jen, I was thinking. Next year I am going as a Drunk Eli's Girl. I would just need a bra and a pair of low rise pants. :)

Echo JOnes said...

oh and a lot of booze!

Anonymous said...

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