Monday, October 02, 2006

The search: pros and cons.

I decided to weigh my options here before I make any drastic decisions on whether or not to keep dating or just give up altogether. The "pros" are reasons that I should keep dating and searching and digging and stressing over finding the guy for me and doing the whole relationship thing, and the "cons" are the reasons I should give up completely and get 66 cats. (I know, stole that cat reference from Echo!)

Pro: Someone to curl up on the couch with and watch Family Guy. (Aww. Now that's romance.)

Con: That same someone keeps talking during Family Guy, and also tries to explain every single 80's reference to me, like I am completely retarded

Pro: Getting married one day to someone I love.
Con: Dragging him kicking-and-screaming down the aisle because he's not going to do it willingly.

Pro: Waking up next to that special someone in the morning.
Con: Wanting to punch him all night long because he stole my pillow.

Pro: Someone that thinks I'm beautiful and says so.
Con: He forgets my birthday, our anniversary, and everything else on earth that doesn't look or sound like "tv" or "sex".

Someone that will tease me lovingly and let me tease back.
Con: He takes it too far and it's just not funny after the 400th time. And that laugh of his is driving me INSANE.

Pro: Someone that will want to hang out with my friends and I, even though we act like we're 12 some of the time.
Con: He acts like he's 12 all the time.

Pro: Having that comforting "what should we do tonight, babe?" conversation. :)
Con: We can never decide on anything together! "Screw it, I'm going out with Echo instead."

Pro: Someone to be intimate with, in a monogamous environment filled with love and devotion to one another.
Con: 4 months later: "NO, I will NOT have a threesome! Let it die already!!!"

Pro: Making up after having dumb arguments.
Con: Breaking up after having dumb arguments.

Pro: Hearing him say "I promise you, I will love you always."
Con: Hearing him say "I promise you, she meant nothing to me!"

Pro: In a committed relationship, I wouldn't have to deal with dating anymore.
Con: If we break up, I have to freakin start all over again.

Oh yeah, and I love this comment from on
e of my blogger friends:

"And, let me just say, you're a gamer, how could a guy not fall in love with you at the thought of that alone? :)"

I know it! I thought that would be the case but it only serves to attract more potheads than can you could ever imagine. Lol. Thank you,


Michelle said...

Oh, I didn't think of that - potheads that live in their parents' basement and don't have a job because they're too wasted! That is a downside, isn't it?

Well, I can just say that I know a couple of guys that would love to date a gamer and most of them have jobs, looks and everything! They're just here in St. Louis - that'd be quite a commute.

I guess we just need to find you a good-looking, functional gamer in Omaha huh?

Yeah, and, that second Con you listed - that's gonna be me! I'm gonna have to do it. But, I guess I'm a little old-fashioned in that I won't propose to him, so he'll have to, at least, get me the ring and propose. So, maybe he won't flail around as badly as I think he will. If it makes you feel better, you'll probably meet a guy, date him and end up marrying him before I get married.

One more thing (God, I'm talkative, huh?) - you forgot the Pro: Being taken out to a lovely Vegetarian restaurant by that special someone; Con: He makes you pay because you've been dating for a while now and he thinks it's about time for you to start helping with the finances.

Nate Smith said...

This was very funny. Good work. Advice from a married guy: Don't give up on finding your man, just stop looking so hard. (Easier said than done.)

Nate Smith

Echo Jones said...
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Echo Jones said...

Pro: Having someone so crazy about you that when you do fight or break up, he goes so crazy he sends you flowers and throws rocks at your bedroom window until you talk to him and work everything out.
Con: A year and a half later he is still calling you and telling you how much you mean to him and how much he screwed everyhting up and he would do anything to make it right. The funny thing is that you caught him in the shower with the neighbor, he has a kid with her now and she moved to Florida with him. (Fucking Dick)