Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blind as a bat.

From June 15th:

nadine: jenny you are not fat.

2:52 PM jen: ok if you say so, owl.
nadine: owl?
jen: cuz you're blind
jen: maybe i meant bat...?
nadine: owls aren't blind jenny
nadine: bats are
jen: i meant bat!
jen: bat bat bat.
2:53 PM nadine : no, i am as blind as an owl
jen: bat. lol, damnit.
nadine: blind as an owl
nadine: im so telling Joe [nadine's boyfriend]
jen: well you know what!!
jen: i always see owls with big thick glasses!
2:54 PM nadine: on the tootsie pop commercials from 1962?jen: ...
jen: yes.


tiffany said...

dude, i totally wish i had a fun friend to 'im' with, because i run out of crap to blog about all the time.
sadly, the only im's i really ever get are from gross old men who think if they send me a message that says 'sup sexxy gurl?' maybe i will jump through the computer screen and have sex with them.
so, yeah. i guess it's just another sad day in the life of tiffany.

Michelle said...

I wish I was allowed to IM at work - I'm certain my days would feel a lot shorter! :0)