Thursday, October 26, 2006

The 3rd tagging: For $10 million.

I was vaguely tagged by Stephanie from Cars & Boston Cremes... (I could have just ignored it I guess, but hey I like being included.)

For ten million dollars, would you run over a dog with your car?
No, I wouldn't for any amount of money.

For ten million dollars, would you cheat on your sweetheart with his / her best friend?

Errrr like Stephanie said, it depends on if they both knew and were ok with it. But even though, I dunno, it may turn out like Indecent Proposal kinda and that would suck. So, no.

For ten million dollars, would you allow someone to amputate both your legs?

Hmm, how much do I really use my legs? No, I wouldn't do this either.

For ten million dollars, would you frame someone you already dislike for a heinous crime?

How much do I already dislike them? Because I don't see a downside to this one. Okay, I guess I would feel kinda guilty... So I give a reluctant no.

For ten million dollars, would you give up sex for life?
No way in hell. Omg, no.

For ten million dollars, would you spike everyone's drink with LSD at Thanksgiving?

I don't know very much about drugs and their effects, but isn't LSD the one that can mess you up forever? Maybe that's just a rumor. Even so, this question is pretty evil, especially considering that my GRANDMA would be one of these people. I say no, obviously.

For ten million dollars, would you eat three big bowls of live spiders?

GOD NO. I almost had a seizure just thinking about it.

For ten million dollars, would you say really racist things in public, every day, for the rest of your life?

No. Oh my god, that's pretty awful.

Steph, you're grounded from tagging for 2 weeks because this taggy-post's questions are just insane. I wanna meet the bloggers that say "yes" to some of these questions. It scares me. But I'm grounded too because I'm too lazy to think up anything better, except:

For ten million dollars, would you answer a bunch of questions on your blog?

YES, WHERE'S MY MONEY?! (I really just want the money people.)

Okay, so you're all vaguely tagged now because you read this. That's right, you and you and you. Don't ignore me damnit.

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Steph said...

hey, i told you to make up better questions. i said there are better questions out there. cannot believe i am grounded. i am going to spend all of those two weeks finding some hideous tagging thing to inflict on you. ha!