Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A new way to check comments.

Added a "latest comments" feed in the sidebar. It is right under Labels and right above Archive. You all know how I hate putting forth effort on my blog, so this was super easy to do... let me know if you want to know how and I will share my vast (and lazy) knowledge with you.

It will be a fun addition, I think. At least now it will be easier to record and advertise that people like me. :D I tried really hard to do the label-cloud thing but there are like more than 2 steps so I said screw it.

Before you say it, I know I have too much crap in the sidebar...

Also, how the hell do I left-justify certain widgets? I'm annoyed that the comments are right-justified. I looked at the html but it made my brain cells die.


tiffany said...

speaking of having too much crap in one's sidebar...
what does one do when one puts something in one's sidebar, and it refuses to function?
for instance, i put a 'search my blog ' thingthing in my sidebar, and while it looks pretty, it will not, in fact, search my blog.
it sucks.
it used to work before i moved my blog to this 'beta' thing, and now it does not.
i used to know how to edit the html in my template, and now i do not.
also, i do not know what a widget is, and i think that might be important.

please pretty jen who seems to know some stuff about blogging, can you help me?

Barb said...

I have a post on my blog asking about widgets and what they are. Fairly amusing if I do say so myself. But I didn't come here to talk to Tiffany :)

Jen.. I've submitted my blog to google groups for review and they always come back saying my sidebar is too messy or too "busy". Blah! I like my sidebar. Do what you like not what others like ;)

Steph said...

i've yet to change over to the beta thingie. is it any good? (apparently not,as it eats searchy things.) but apart from that?

nadine said...

You said widget again. LOL.