Friday, October 13, 2006

I have to pretty this thing up.

Man, so Google scoops up YouTube (finally) and the two YouTube guys, Chad and Steve, get (even more) filthy stinking rich and they get to keep their jobs! Wow... Chad and Steve just got a $1.65 billion bonus and less stress.

I'm getting tired of my blog template again. But I also don't like any of the options Blogger provides. I want something cool and orginal but uh... yeah, that also doesn't require any effort on my part. I know I could design something myself (since I'm a graphic designer) but again... that 'effort' thing.

Plus, I tried to hack my Labels to make them a "cloud" or drop-down, and I didn't understand the expanded widgets or any of that crap. I use Dreamweaver, ok? I have no idea what I'm doing otherwise.

I googled blogspotters that have cool templates:

Sites with really really cute FREE templates that I want want want:
However, I'm not sure that any of these will work with Blogger Beta, since nothing else seems to. So... I'm gonna research a little more and decide if I even want to bother.

I really need to know where I can pre-order my Wii in Omaha. I don't want to miss out in case there is a psychotic rush when they are launched. Like, I'm talking Tickle Me Elmo kind of psychos.

I wonder if I can have it delivered to my house by a sexy geek guy...? I bet that costs a lot extra. Oooh, glasses = hot!!! OMG LOL WTF! (that's R. Stevens of Diesel Sweeties, by the way. I doubt I can afford him. :'( I'm using him for my hot-geek-example, since GIS wasn't giving me anything except half-naked pornstar girls in black frames. I said "hot geek guy", not "hot slutty girl masquerading as a geek", damnit.)

I know GameStop/GameSpot/GamePots/GameTops/GameOpts/Wtf-ever is going to be doing pre-orders soon (if not already), but I was hoping for Toys R Us or Gamers instead. But maybe that's not likely? I have no idea Because if
this article from Gizmodo is true, there is no way I'm going to GameStop:

This is low. Our half-man, half-Atari, 100% crazy uncles over at Kotaku got a photo tip on GameStop requiring $50 worth of trade-ins to reserve a PS3 or Wii. While not confirmed, if such is the case the console wars have reached a new low. $50 of trade-ins equals about $200 in games, according to my guesstimates. And if GameStop can't supply necessary demands at launch, it's not up to the consumer to bribe them with what is almost the entire price of the Wii for a preorder.

Do you realize how much profit Gamestop will make off of $50 worth of your used games?! Here's the poster that this article is referring to (image borrowed from

Uhhhhhm. If I wasn't already boycotting GameStop, then I would be now.
Dude, gotta get to Gamers!

Old chat from June 21st:

nadine: i knew it was you who picked the photo cause it said "jen thinks this would be a good pic for everyone to see"
3:15 PM jen: oh that's weird. i didn't think you could see what avatar photo i picked for you.
nadine : i have it
jen: dude, good thing i decided not to pick the handicap-symbol for you.
3:16 PM nadine: ooh
nadine: thats great
jen: LOL, god i'm a laugh riot.

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nadine said...

You said widgets! Jenny we don't call them that anymore. That is politically incorrect.