Monday, December 18, 2006

Girls think about ice cream more than men.

This is a really old chatlog from July 24, 2006. (The guy I was dating at that time really was a jerk. So don't judge me

Jen: He is an jerkhole, I hate him.
Nadine: what? who?
10:46 AM Jen: Mr. Country Ass didn't call me all weekend, like I have the black plague or something. I swear to god he keeps track of my period or something and just ignores me the entire time, every single time, just when I am most moodiest.
Jen: i will rip off his face if he calls me tomorrow when my period is over.
10:47 AM Nadine: did you try and call him?
Jen: yeah, on Friday night i called him before i went to your house
Jen: and i told him to call me. and he hasn't, for 3 days!!
Nadine: what the hell dude
10:48 AM Jen: he better hope he is dying somewhere. or completely lost function of his arms and hands so he can't pick up a damn phone to call me. and he also better hope that he's lost all speaking capabilities so that he can't ask someone else to call me.
Nadine: yea really
Jen: I'm talkin about a coma or complete amnesia here, these are the only acceptable excuses.Nadine: yeah, cuz that's bullsh-t
Jen: i am not in the mood for him.
Jen: and i don't have any money to buy ice cream. Nadine: yeah, seriously. that sucks.
Jen: i know, and i want some so bad!
Jen: with chocolate syrup.


Mikala said...

Hey, ice cream is a very powerful can't underestimate its abilities to comfort.


Anonymous said...

Dude I hope you never hate me like you hated country ass.

Reba said...

My fiance would laugh at this post. I am constantly saying that I want some ice cream. He just doesn't understand it.