Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Things that have kept me busy.

I swear, I have been pretty busy...

  • Drove Dad to the ER at 1:30 am last week
  • Skipped work the next day due to lack of sleep
  • Found out Dad has multiple blood clots in his lungs (like last time)
  • My uncle from South Dakota randomly came to stay with us
  • Bought Echo's Christmas present online (woo!)
  • Helped Gramma go through the exact same box 3 times
  • Griped at Gramma
  • Got griped at by Gramma
  • Watched Annie Hall and Pi with The Boyfriend
  • Ate an egg, cheese, spinach, and artichoke souffle from Panera Bread
  • Almost died of PURE JOY from eating souffle at Panera Bread
  • Went Christmas Tree shopping with The Boyfriend
  • The ONLY coworker/supervisor that I like announced he's leaving in a week
  • Won a 3-hour limo ride in a crooked raffle at my work
  • Hated my job 437 times
  • Thought about going back to school 73 times
  • Applied at only 1 job that looked remotely promising
  • Bought a new purse (made me feel better)
  • Found a freakin awesome B'n'B in Crescent, Iowa (they have 3 dachshunds!!!)
  • Dad got released from the hospital
  • My uncle went back home
  • Gramma looked through exact same box a 4th time


tiffany said...

boyfriends are over-rated.
just ask mine, i tell him so all the time.

Sudiegirl said...

Oh those souffles from Panera. I'm not so fond of artichoke, but the rest of it - OH YEAH.

Orgasm in a little-bitty round thingie.

Mikala said...

Oh my, how is dad?

Whatcha gripin' at your Gramma for? Girl, don't you know, they're exempt from any gripage! :0)

I'm just saying this cuz I don't have a grandma...and I was scared to gripe at either of my grandma's - they'd have slapped me! :0) Ooohh...grandmas, such wonderful people.

What exactly is in the box? I'm ridiculously curious now.