Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The horror that is my purse.

My purse, full:
On pocket, from left to right: Ani DiFranco button, Tegan & Sara button.
On strap, above: Button that reads 'Green Beans: 12 oz.'

Okay. Get ready for it...

My purse, with of all contents:

From left to right (for the most part):

  • Faceplate and case for my car stereo by JVC
  • Nightmare Before Christmas wallet (bought from Hong Kong)
  • Violet/fuscia coin purse from Clinique
  • Pair of pink heart-shape Swarovski crystal earrings (bought on eBay)
  • Pink multi-ink pen shaped "like a tiny dildo" (according to Nadine)
  • Small spray bottle of "Glow by J.Lo" cheap-o imitation perfume
  • 3 Hershey's dark chocolate squares
  • Necklace in abalone and pearl from my great-grandma
  • Mini-briefcase with essential grooming tools (file, tweezers, scissors, clippers, etc)
  • Blue "cheese-grater" nailfile with a broken handle
  • 4-sided pink/purple/blue/teal nail buffer/shiner (cannot live without it)
  • 1 GB USB Flash Drive by Lexar in silver and black
  • Giant silver safety pin (I have no idea why)
  • Cheap plastic wide-tooth comb
  • Mini travel-size bottle of Purell hand sanitizer with aloe
  • Pink hair-tie
  • Random loose quarter
  • Big "claw" hair clip
  • Wooden curved hair brush with rubber gripped handle
  • "Candy BonBon" WetSlicks Crystals lip gloss by CoverGirl
  • 2 tubes of Liquid Ice "sticky" lip gloss from Walgreens
  • "Megaberry" Megabites Flavorful Lipstick by Jane
  • "Silver Sand" Moisture Extreme lipcolor by Maybelline
  • "Malt" lip gloss from Target's dollar aisle
  • "Blossom" lip gloss by Ten
  • "Creamy Natural" TruBlend Liquid Foundation by CoverGirl
  • Las Vegas souvenir tin that says JENNY (filled with Ibuprofen and Allegra)
  • Cheap Bic ballpoint from Olive Garden (oops)
  • Uni-ball ballpoint pen
  • Pink double-sided Sharpie
  • Kyocera Dorado cell phone from Cricket
  • Makeup brush for face powder
  • "Translucent" CornSilk Shineless Pressed Powder by Sally Hansen
  • Lighter that Echo gave me
  • Natural Ice lipbalm by Mentholatum Co.
  • Beeswax lipbalm by Walgreens (just like Burt's Bees!)
  • Lava Lips flavored lip gloss by BonBons (you get this stuff at Walmart)
  • "Twig" Beyond Color lip recovery cream by Avon
  • Halloween face shimmer from Walgreens
  • My keys, with:
    • Crane Coffee keychain that says "I (heart) NADINE" in pink Sharpie
    • Black/white keychain that reads:
    • Baker's (Kroger's) card
    • Omaha Public Library card
    • Big metal clippy thing from The Boyfriend
    • White bottle opener from Nadine
    • Black and pink braided ghetto-lanyard
    • 6 keys (3 keys actually useable): My house key, my car key, Mom's car key, my old car key (my first car, the Ford Escort LX, that I sold over 2 years ago), key to Gramma's old apartment (she has since moved twice), and an old house key (before getting all new doorknobs).
My prized possession, my Nightmare Before Christmas wallet I ordered on eBay from Hong Kong, which is not worth stealing because it never has any money in it:

Thanks to Mikala (and Tiffany) for this idea.

P.S. I have since gotten a new purse, but all the same crap got transferred into it so I'm not retaking the photos. Blogger also won't let me upload photos today, so you'll have to click on the link if you wanna ooh and ahh and my new purse.


tiffany said...

just like me, you have A LOT of stuff in there.
but, no random garbage?
no q-tip?

i guess i'm just cooler than you.

(or, you were ashamed of your slobby self and you didn't tell us about the yucky stuff...)

Sudiegirl said...

Uh - I no longer feel alone about the contents of my purse.