Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pissy rant regarding work.

Ya know what, every day my work gets worse. Not because things actually get worse, but because they remain at the exact same level of CRAP day after day. And it really wears on me. Especially at this particular moment.

So, for quite a while there, my 1/2 hour lunchtime got shoved around while my boss tried to find a schedule for us girls up in the office area that he liked. And you see, I've got this thing... (which I'm sure isn't normal, but since I don't have health insurance, I can't really go and ask anyone without having to sell a kidney) Anyway, I have this thing where if I don't eat 3 meals at regular times, or if I skip a meal ever, I immediately get extremely shaky and also feel quite weak.

I have tried eating a candybar, thinking maybe I just need a quick jolt of sugar. But this doesn't help.

Yet I was always the one to have my lunch switched, moved, changed, ignored, interrupted, skipped, and split up. Finally he decides my permanent lunchtime will be at 11:30 AM, when no one in their right mind is hungry yet. But okay, so I adjusted my Internal Hunger Schedule to that time frame and things run smoothly whenever he is not in the office.

But whenever he is here, LIKE TODAY, there is always something that keeps me from going at my normal time. For example, right now it is 12:18 and I was supposed to go to lunch at 11:30... but he has my co-worker in there in a meeting and if I leave without anyone else here to answer the phones then I will get into major trouble. It's a small company, there are usually only 1-2 people in the office at one time. So I can't leave until she's free to take over for me.

So I wait. It's 12:20 now. I'm just watching the effing clock and getting more and more angry.

The thing that bothers me most is that he doesn't give a crap about me. What if I had an appointment over my lunch break? What if I had a lunch date? What if I wanted to actually PLAN SOMETHING around my STUPID FREAKING 1/2 HOUR BREAK that is my ONLY freaking break from this HELL HOLE, all day long!? Oh, but of course his schedule is always more important than mine, and god forbid I say a word, because then I'd get chewed out.

It's now 12:23. I have 7 minutes left until my co-worker's scheduled lunch break begins. So now I will probably have to wait until 1:00 PM for my lunch break.

And of course I didn't bring my lunch in today, so now even though I am feeling shaky, I have to drive somewhere to get my lunch.


Echo said...

So, you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, bring a lunch no matter what. I am not talking about an apple and a jelly sandwich here, I am talking a LUNCH! You remember those cartoons when they would pull out the never ending sub sandwich out of a tiny picnic basket? I am talking about a lunch like that.

Then when he is being a bastard, eat your lunch at you desk. While you are eating, continue to do your job answering the phone with your mouth full. If a customer comes in, lick your fingers, wipe them on your pants and shake the customer's hand saying, "Man those Cheetos are messy but so yummy!" Let out a nasty burp and crunch your food as loud as possible. Basically, act like you are 6 again.

Then once your "lunch time" approches, walk out announcing that you are going to take lunch and make sure you leave the office. HE WILL HATE THAT! You will always keep the appropriate lunch time!

tiffany said...

um, is this job paying you well?

because i say run away.

Mikala said...

What a crock! But, I go to lunch at 11:30 (I get to work around 6:30 and eat breakfast then, so I'm hungry by 11:30). Then again, you're right, I'm not in my right mind. :0)

What a buttjob!