Monday, December 25, 2006

Question and answer time.

Found a little quizzy-question-thinker-thing that I kind of like. All the questions can be kinda lame in spots, but I have interesting-ish stories/explanations to help non-lame them. Actually, some of my answers are just Too Much Information. (As usual.)

Describe your very FIRST...

Memory? I really do remember as a barely-walking toddler waking up and getting out of my crib to pull the nightlight out of the wall. Then I started screaming because it was dark. Then I took my diaper off. Then I screamed some more because I was cold. I don't remember anything else, though I'm sure my parents came in shortly thereafter to shut me up, fix my problems, and strap me down again in my crib. (Not literally, people. Jeez. And take Child Protective Services off your speed dial already. It's scaring your friends and neighbors.)

Word(s)? I said "doggie" first... Who knew I'd become an animal lover!? :) After that I said "daddy" and then some time later (and I will never hear the end of this from her) I said "mommy".

Crush? I remember I was totally obsessed with Bejan Pourteymor (I have no idea how to spell it, so I spelled it phonetically. It was a middle-eastern name, I believe) in early grade school. (This was the start of a lifetime obsession with foreign guys.) I vaguely remember my mom taking me to his apartment complex where he lived with his mom, for whatever reason, and he answered the door wearing those footy-pajamas with Transformers on them (this was like 3rd or 4th grade, so he really should have been too old for those YEARS ago). But I still liked him. He was so funny! You know, for a gradeschooler.

Pet? The first dog that was actually mine was a Cocker Spaniel named Daisy (her name was actually much much longer than that, but I'm too embarrassed to share the whole thing), that my dad bought for me as a puppy when I was 5. She lived a spoiled, fat and happy life for 15 years solid (which is a long time for that breed) and passed away almost 3 years ago.

Girl/boyfriend? My first "boyfriend" was in my freshman year of highschool. One of my friends set me up with her cousin so we could double date to some stupid dance. (Yes, I'm so cool.) I "dated" him for a week and dumped him the day after the dance. He was really boring.

Kiss? I was 17, I think. He was a jerk. Seriously, if I saw him today I might throw up in his eye. We met online, which wasn't the issue, but obviously the issue was that I had no idea who he really was until it was too late. And my judge-of-character was completely Non-Working at the time (which should have been apparent from my group of friends at that time). We made out a bit after we met, but then when it came down to talking about 'us', he said that I "wasn't beautiful" like he thought I was. He said from my photos he was expecting a "beautiful, sexy, little gpth girl" and I wasn't what I had portrayed. Hello, asshole, I am 17... I don't even know what I am yet!! Every normal 12-17 year old girl is slightly-goth and takes Emo-esque photographs of themselves. WTF did he expect? Anyway, if I "wasn't beautiful" enough for him, then why did he make out with me, and lead me on? Oh yeah, that's right, he's an effing bastard.

Because of this colassal jerkoff, I developed a strict policy to never kiss a guy I wasn't entirely interested in. Thus, I have done my fair share of backing away from guys trying to go in for a kiss. I just refuse to lead a guy on in any possible way... I know what it's like and it sucks. (Sorry, guys... I wasn't just "being shy" or "playing hard-to-get". I just didn't like you. That's usually what it means when a girl backs away from a kiss. If she likes you, she won't do that. Usually. Guess what, it doesn't hurt to ask beforehand. Then you'll know for sure and avoid feeling confused when she runs away from your affections.)

Rejection from a guy/girl you liked? Oh, there have been so many. (Both given and received.) Well, the first time I was rejected by a guy that I clearly remember was in 7th grade. I liked this guy, (who was a TOTAL dork, by the way) and he and I became pretty close friends. Well, I was all excited about it and telling all my friends that I thought maybe he liked me like that. He pulled me aside one day at lunchtime, saying he wanted to ask me something. All my friends were going "ooooh, he's gonna ask you out!" but when he got me alone he asked me if I could help set him up with my best friend (skinny, pretty, personality-less best friend)... I was so mortified. The worst part... she wasn't even remotely interested in him because he was a freakin dork and she was too good for him!! So, I had to let him down for her nicely and then consoled him like the good friend I was. But he just never stopped talking about her!! Surprisingly, I didn't have the need to be friends with him any longer after a short while of that.

Car? 91' Ford Escort LX, fully loaded. My baby! From my parents when I turned 16 (slightly spoiled, I know).

Puppy love? I thought I was in love with Air Force Guy when I was 19 years old and he was 21. We never even held a conversation longer than 5 minutes. Ugh, and it took me forever to get over him! WHY!?

Cell phone? I had a pay-as-you-go phone and no-contract service that I bought almost 3 years ago so that Nadine could call me when she was having her daughter. Before that I was really anti-cell phones and always claimed that I would never get one. I found out that I really liked having a cell phone... I used up WAY too many minutes way too fast with that pay-as-you-go phone, so I bought an unlimited-minute, no-contract plan from Cricket about a year ago and have been really happy with the service ever since I got it.

True love?
Well... I don't want to jinx it! You're not supposed to say it out loud, right? That's what jinxes it... but, uh, yeah. You know what I'm saying. I think.

Real job? Well, I'm assuming that by 'real' you don't mean babysitting, so... Gosh, it's really hard to remember when I even started working a real job. I think it wasn't until I was out of highschool... though I guess I can't remember for sure. But I do remember my parents told me after I dropped out of hellschool, I mean highschool, to "get a job or get out" so I got a job working retail at Nobbies, a party supply store. It was slightly fun, for a retail gig.

"Intimate" encounter? (You know what I mean) Okay, this is the part of the quizzy-thing I think goes too far. I mean, this is kinda personal, even for a crappy little blog like mine that only 4 people read. But uhh okay I'll just be vague, but still answer, so as not to seem like a prude. It was not even a year ago. (Yeah, that's right. I waited until I was ready and I met someone I really cared about so that I wouldn't regret it. Make your jokes.) And it was fairly romantic and good and all that crap. I'm not with the guy anymore, for good reasons... we weren't good together when it came right down to it. And though I did care about him, it only took me 4 days to get over him. Lol. So, it probably wasn't love.

Then I started this blog right after!

Wow, sharing time is OVER.

This wasn't really a taggy-post, but I will tag you all anyway (Mikala, Tiffany, Missy, insert your name here and you know who you are, etc!). Because, damnit, I feel awkward and exposed and you all should share in the over-sharing.

Tis the season, right? Yeah.

So, Happy Holidays, my lovelies!

Please drive safely (see: not like me) and make sure you have a designated driver for New Year's, or just stay where you are, drunkie mcdrunkerson.

Alas, my friends, I won't be going out OR drinking this year. (But I'm okay with it.) And although I know you'll miss hearing a new story like the one from last year, I really want to ring in the New Year with my New Guy.

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