Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Admitting something we all know.

Okay, for the past 2 months I have been completely neglecting my beloved blog and my blogger friends. I used to post on a daily basis and now it's more like once or twice a week. I still read and catch up on my friends' blogs every few days, but as for writing entries myself, I just haven't. At first I was convinced that I had writer's block or was in fact more dull than I had previously realized. But now I'm pretty sure that I've just gotten bored with the whole blogging thing now that I have a new toy in my life... a boyfriend.

It's one of those things that you don't want to be bored with, but you just are because your priorities have changed or some other interest has taken over.

I'm not deleting the blog or giving up on it. I guess I'm just admitting to myself and my fellow bloggers what has been obvious these past two months. I am gonna continue trying to write when I have time, but no promises on when or where or how good it will be. I do appreciate everyone that has been patient with me the past couple months as my posts have been slowly dwindling down.

I have a problem though you might be able to help with. I need another moderator (or two) for What the Blog!?

It's not a big job to do as it stands right now, but only because I haven't marketed it at all (besides asking members to post WtB!? buttons on their sidebars), so the traffic is slow and thus the members list is slow to grow. It really needs a moderator besides just me that will actually help it grow or market it a bit.

I guess I wasn't thinking much ahead other than starting a group for fun and making cute buttons. Maybe it needs group activities too? Not anything annoying or obnoxious or required or repetitive though. Lol, okay I'm trying not to be picky. But something once in a while to make the members remember they are part of Wtb!?. A monthly members spotlight? A contest with a limited edition award button? I don't know. I'll think more about it. (Maybe.)

Despite it being a small job to moderate (unless someone puts in the efforts to make it a big job), I don't want to give permissions to just anyone. But I know I need someone to help me out because I'm a really bad moderator and marketer there. I just like making buttons I guess... hah.

Okay, so let me know if you're interested at all. Obviously the base of the blog is there, it just needs some help to get it moving.


tiffany said...

i was just thinking that i should leave you a comment like 'hey, i have a boyfriend, too. but i still blog.'
jokingly, of course.
but, yeah. i know how you feel. it's easy to get bored with yourself. and blogging always takes me longer than i think it will.
i'll be like, 'oh, i'm just going to post this little story real quick,' and it totally takes me 45 minutes.
i lose more sleep that way.
because, if you look at my entries, you'll see that the urge to blog often strikes me at 3 or 4 am.

speaking of posting, i suppose i could have written a whole post of my own by now, this commment is so long.

as for the moderator thing, i'd be glad to help you.
but you would have to keep in ming that i am still at least moderatley computer retarded. and i also do not know how to 'market' things.
this might be obvious, since only 27 people read my blog.


Mikala said...

I was just thinking about you. Wondering what the heck happened to ya! :0) I understand though, you have a beau to spend time with. I know how it is. I've been kinda bored with the whole blog thing lately too, I've been posting things, but I haven't been reading as much lately. Part of it has been depression, but the other part is that I have been having tension headaches from hell and I want to avoid looking at a computer screen as much as I can.

Okay...since I rambled long enough...I'd be happy to be a moderator for WtB!?. I'm just sayin'.