Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Worldwide panic ensues.

Here is an email I got from Nadine because I hadn't talked to her in over 12 hours:


AP - As missing person's best friend goes insane
because of not talking to said missing person.
Family and friends are worried that she will come home with cheesecake face,
or worst of all, CHOCOLATE KNEES!
She was last spoken to January 9th at around 4:30 pm.
If you have any information at all please email Nadine S.!

There is a sizable reward including, but not limited to;
Bouncy balls, cheese wheels, Lego's, waffles, Extra Poundy Pound Cake
and a thirteen pound tub of Country Crock Apple Butter.

*Reward only valid for three hours, must meet these guidelines to win said rewards.
Must be an illegal alien from outer space.
Must have ten children under 4 years old.
Must eat said children in under 2 minutes in front of board of trustees.
Must be female with working penis to be eligible for these rewards.

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