Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fergie doesn't know how to spell.

10:00 AM Jen: So, how come Fergie doesn't know how to spell?

10:01 AM Nadine: HOW WOULD I KNOW?
Jen: First she calls her album "The Dutchess" when she's neither Dutch nor a Duchess. Now she spells "tasty" wrong multiple times in that song.
Nadine: tastey
Jen: If only I could be that illiterate and get away with it.
10:02 AM Jen: I wish spelling things wrong would make me piles of money.
Nadine: lol. me too, i'd be rech.
Jen: yes, we could both be writch.
Nadine: HA HA HA
Nadine: its ok though cause having a brain is COLL
Jen: tottallly coll
10:03 AM Nadine: using them isn't though, but you dont have to worry about that do you?
Jen: that's truu Nadine: ue no tho, beng stuepid is fon coz then ue dunt have to think moch
10:05 AM Jen: okay, Fergie.
Nadine: T to da A to da S-T-E-Y, girl you tastey
Nadine: i thought thats how you spell tastey
Jen: no. it's tasty.
Jen: and Duchess is not spelled with a T
10:06 AM Nadine: well tasty looks wrong
Jen: it's not.
Jen: "tastey" looks wrong. because it is.
Nadine: maybe its a test, and the people who notice that stuff will all be murdered
Jen: maybe people who don't notice should be.
Jen: i think that would sufficiently weed out some of the tards.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

"Jen: i think that would sufficiently weed out some of the tards."

Unfortunately that would probably be over half the population.

tiffany said...

it was difficult for me to read this post, because fergie makes me want to vomit on myself.

but, whatever.

oh--and i signed on the the wtb!? thing, but i think i forgot to ask you what i'm actually supposed to do.

so, maybe you could send me some kind of an email or something.

PWT said...

I am in LOVE with this post. Just so you know.

Mikala said...

Ya know...I wondered the same thing with the whole "tastey" thing...that bothered me.