Thursday, January 25, 2007

We've been friends too long.

We're really, really strange people.
(P.S. aren't my new earrings cuuute!? i got the green ones because they were out of pink.)

Nadine: your earings came in

Jen: earrings?
Nadine: yes, the ones you ordered.
Nadine: the lego onesNadine: with the fake diamond
Jen: ohhh, they came in already? sweet.
Nadine: i know
1:22 PM Jen: okay, i owe you money
Nadine: but the earrings are all BIG
Jen: for real?
Nadine: well mine are
Jen: i bet they're not big, you're an ear wuss.
Nadine: YOU ARE.
Nadine: they all have fake pearls on them too
1:24 PM Jen: oh.
Jen: sucky. Jen: well, didn't you know there were pearls?Jen: maybe you didn't look close enough. Jen: because you're retarded.
Jen: * burp *
Nadine: maybe i didn't CARE
Nadine: * fart *
Jen: lol ew. good lord.
Nadine: lol
Jen: i should blog that
Nadine: LOL ok.
Jen: because we are nasty. and people should know.

and then a few minutes later:

Nadine: dude. where did your blog go?
Nadine: did they erase it?
Jen: what do you mean?
Jen: it's where it's always been
1:45 PM Nadine: no, it isn't
Jen: google's having womanly issues right now
Jen: you just have to check back later. Jen: it's been off and on all day. mood swings, i assume.
Nadine: no, it says that your account was deleted
Jen: you're a bad liar.
Nadine: dude
1:46 PM Jen: you're so retarded
1:48 PM Nadine: i copied and pasted it
Nadine: look, i emailed it to you
Jen: yeah, i really trust you to copy and paste
Nadine: I DID
1:49 PM Jen: right, sure
Jen: liarNadine: I AM NOT
Jen: whatever
Nadine: I am not joking around
Nadine: you need to check
Nadine: dude, i am serious
1:51 PM Jen: oh yeah i just sent you an error message too, i found it on your ass.
Jen: go check your email

1:55 PM Nadine: well suck my ass
Jen: lol


Steven Novak said...

So did you suck her ass?

Case that might have been hot. ;)


Nadeline said...

Steven, you must have just had a mini seizure on your keyboard cause I really don't think you meant to say that.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Blogger has been acting like a punk ass bitch lately. If I wasn't so lazy I'd switch.

tiffany said...

and after all that, all i can think is:
i wonder how they got the google screen to say that?

oh, and blogger is a punk ass bitch, of course.