Monday, January 29, 2007

Ugliest showroom on earth.

I wish I could take photos and post them of the showroom at my work.

Just picture a furniture showroom or interior design showroom and then add 4 tornados, 5 products we don't even sell anymore, 9 broken florescent ceiling lights, a handful of water-damaged ceiling tiles, 3 fake plants possibly from the 80's, and 67 out-of-date fabric books possibly from the 70's.

I really would take some photos, but I want to distance my real life from my blog as much as possible. I can only imagine the crap I would get into if my boss found this blog. Oh lord. And who what company would hire me if they googled my name and found this thing? Oy.

An awesome company, that's who.

Anyway, my point is that our showroom is the fugliest showroom on earth. The end.


Roger said...

Jen I think that you need a vaction lol some place warm & exotic!!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

That sounds pretty damn fugly alright.

tiffany said...

you work in a furniture showroom?

i did not imagine that at all.

come to think of it, i have no idea what i imagined.
i sort of thought you just got payed to im nadine all day, and that sometimes you were allowed out to attempt to get lunch.


Mairin said...

Sweetie, your showroom is known as "vintage."

Jen!! said...

Tiffany... it's actually not furniture. But, without saying what it really is that we sell, that's about as close to it as I can get.