Thursday, November 09, 2006

Links and blog networking junk.

It's been a little while since I've looked at my super-filled sidebar and updated my links.

So I did today. Yay! Ch-ch-check 'em out!

Also, I was looking online and on Blogger for a 'webring' of sorts. Okay, so that is the old school word for it. But basically I wanna join a kind of "blogging network" because those things make you feel cool. Like a blog-club or some junk. I searched for a vegetarian blog network, but no luck. Then I searched for a Midwestern network. No dice.

What the hell, dude? Am I bad at searching, or are there just not enough networks to join out there?

So, I was thinking maybe I should start my OWN damn network and then people will be all like, "Oh Jen Jen Jen! Can I join your Super Cool Fun Bloggers Blogging in Their Blogs Club?!"

And I will be all like, "Well... I guess so. But only if you are super, cool, fun, you blog about super cool fun shit, and also if you must promise to be my friend forever and ever."

And they'll be all like, "Oh yeah? That sounds worth it."

And I'd be all like, "Okay, sign here... and here. And an initial here. A drop of blood here. First born child here. Aaaaaaaand you're in!"

So anyway, I'm trying to come up with a good theme and/or name for the blog network before I make a new blog and start promoting it. And by promoting I mean sitting at my computer staring at the screen waiting for more than 2 people to sign up.

Anyway, maybe if you feel really creative you could help me think of a topic and/or name for this blog network. Leave your idea(s) in the comments section. But don't say "make it a vegetarian network" because then seriously no one would join except for me and Mikala (congrats on your 3 days... let me know if you need any help/encouragement/advice! I know it's really hard. Especially when the beef jerky starts talking to you. It happens, you'll see.)
So I just want it to be less exclusive than that.

I want to make buttons too. So you can put them on your site when you become a member and totally whore it out for me on your sidebar so that more people will sign up.


Michelle said...

Ohhh Jen, I likey! Very good idea. just want fun people in this network? I'll try to think of some names, but I must admit I'm not real good at that.

Oh and it's four days and counting! I haven't really craved any meat yet, but then again, I've never really been a big meat eater anyway. I've never been one that could just eat a steak - I'm more partial to the baked potatoes! Mmmm...
But, I'm sure it'll be pretty tough on Thanksgiving. And, I simply refuse to eat Tofurkey!

tiffany said...

how about 'cool fun girls who bitch about stuff?'


maybe that's just me...

Mairin Verthandi said...

Bantering, Blogging Bitches

Reba said...

Whatever you call it I want to join.