Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The world is in peril.

Because I was not online for chat for 10 minutes...
I got this email from Nadine:

Subject: This is an email message for Jennifer [last name]
Calling all Jenny's! Calling all Jenny's! Calling all Jenny's!

Message Head:
Calling all Jenny's!
Where are you Jenny? The world is in peril! Nadine is BORED!!!!! (Screams of horror from all over the globe!)

And my reply:

Calling all Nadine's! Calling all Nadine's! Calling all Nadine's!
Message Head: Calling all Nadine's!

Body: Suck it!

Signed: Jenny

And to satisfy my Nintendo Wiithdrawals here's a cute console-release comic from

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Mrs. Turtle said...

Just browsing your blog...very nice...learning that you enjoy nintendo so much :)

I wanted to give you this link (if you haven't been there before). It's an online version of the Original Nintendo, with many of its games, available to play online! Nope, not as great as the real thing, but still fun. I'm just waiting for Tetris to show up. vNes