Sunday, November 05, 2006

A surefire crowd pleaser.

I get the feed for The Daily Puppy on my personalized google homepage. It's a site that features a different puppy every day and you can vote 1-11 biscuits on how cute you think it is. Of course, they all end up with between 9 and 11 every single time. Before you get excited, these puppies are not for sale (that I know of) and as far as I know anyone can submit their puppy (although I bet it's tough to get in).

I love puppies and basically everyone else does or should too. Although
I made a promise to myself that I'll never own a puppy (I will adopt an older dog and/or mixed-breed instead), they are still damn adorable. I can still look! Here are just a few of my favorites.

So just try not to look at them and make squealing noises. I dare ya.

Apocalypse the Shepherd/Akita/Corgi Mix, passed out cold:
(more photos of Apocalypse here)

Loaf the Mini Dachshund, waiting for a tummy-rub:
(more photos of Loaf here)Wally the Corgi, lounging around:
(more photos of Wally here)

Wyatt the Labrador, trying not to look guilty:
(more photos of Wyatt here)
Tori the Chihuahua, looking kind of insane:
(more photos of Tori here)

Southwell the Beagle, probably running towards lunchtime:
(more photos of Southwell here)
Sylvester the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel:
(more photos of Sylvester here)
Phoebe the Dalmation, looking kinda retarded (in a CUTE way!):
(more photos of Phoebe here)
Marley the Rottweiler, chowing down on some kind of grass/leaves:
(more photos of Marley here)
Olwen the Corgi, looking exhausted:
(more photos of Olwen here)
Mateo the Mini Australian Shepherd:
(more photos of Mateo here)

Henry the Mini-Dachshund:
(more photos of Henry here)

Beethoven (unknown mixed-breed), sleeping on a shoebox or something:
(more photos of Beethoven here)
Marley the Beagle/Hound mix:
(more photos of Marley here)
Luka the Border Collie:
(more photos of Luka here)
Cassidy the Boxer, looking grumpy:
(more photos of Cassidy here)
Charley the Corgi, going as fast as his widdle legs will carry him:
(more photos of Charley here)
Apollo the Great Dane:
(more photos of Apollo here)


Mairin Verthandi said...

You said not to squeal, but I did anyway. I'm sorry; I just couldn't help myself. Please don't hurt me. :( :p

Michelle said...

I didn't squeal - but I surely did smile!

Is Apollo cool looking or what? That dog's paws are HUUUUGE! But, I love them all - how could you not?