Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Searches that lead to my blog.

You don't realize how freaky people on the internet are until you see what they're searching for. With a lot of site counters like StatCounter, Google Analytics, and SiteMeter, you can view the "keywords" that led someone to your website through a search engine.

Since I talk quite a bit about the Nintendo Wii and being a geek girl in general, I wasn't shocked by this one. In fact, multiple searches relating to the Wii release and/or buying a Wii in Omaha come to my site on Google. Like so:

And if you don't know how to spell Carpentry, yet still want a job in the UK in that field, search using
AOL in the UK for the words "carpentrey jobs" and my site will appear at this entry where I mock a guy that contacted Echo and was kinda slow. It comes up at the 2nd result:

Here's where it starts to get weird, folks. If you search for "serial killers pretend to love animals" on, my recent entry on internet dating will be the 3rd result. Nice. I just don't want to know why this person is searching for those words...

And finally, thanks to Nadine... if for some strange reason you search for "peeing that long" on
Google, my site will be the 1st result with this entry of an absolutely insane conversation with Nadine. Yes, I am #1 in "peeing that long"... that is a title that I hold very near and dear to my heart. Check it out:

It is a really strange world out there. I sincerely hope all you new visitors get your spell checkers working, further investigate your new serial killer neighbor who pretends to like your dog but is really plotting against you, and for sure get that peeing issue looked at by a trained professional. Ya'll got issues.


Mikala said...

Those are kinda funny!

Sudiegirl said...

The "peeing" thing was rather...interesting.

I am a midwestern girl too! I'm originally from Iowa, but moved here to DC in 2001. I haven't been to Omaha in AGES! It was fun...I ate at the stork club and went to the zoo.

I am happy to be part of what the blog!