Monday, November 13, 2006

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

I've narrowed down my shoe selections... It's gonna be really hard to choose.

These are all-synthetic/man-made materials. Entirely vegetarian/vegan shoes!! Can you tell I like black skate shoes? Yeah, I really do. I'm partial toward any and all Vans, as you may very well know, since I
gave away all of my beloved non-vegetarian Vans recently and it almost made me cry. But the Macbeths are really cute too. It's going to be really hard to decide.

Oh man, I love shoes.

Blog Network Update:
I'll work on the stuffs tomorrow while I'm off of work and can devote some time to it. I like a couple of the ideas you guys suggested, so that gets me thinking. :) I know I need to start on the buttons first because I'm just a really visual person. Once I create a few button designs that I like a lot it'll be easier to make up a name. I'm guessing the whole generalized theme will be rant-related.

I hope ya'll will want to join up after I make the pretty pretty buttons. Yeah, I said 'ya'll'. But I don't really talk like that.

Watch for updates on this tomorrow, fellow bloggers!


tiffany said...

and when you're done, please redesign my blog.
okay thanks.

Mikala said...

Hey, dont' forget about me - you can redesign my blog too! It's lame. But, what's a girl to do?

Echo said...

I like the pink ones!

Reba said...

I like the pink ones too.

fashion said...

first pair is so cute....It seems like my previous josef seibel collection...but the color is slightly different